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Vaser® High-definition Liposculpture For Men

This is an advanced, technical and physician-dependent procedure introduced to the United States by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Bogotá, Columbia in 2006. The first plastic surgeon in the US to learn this technique, Dr. John Millard, of Denver, has been training doctors with advanced skills in lipoplasty to offer this technique to their patients, and it is not yet widely available. We will be bringing this technique to our patients in 2010.

The ability to bring out the contours of muscles in a beautiful and anatomically correct way is the goal of this procedure. An artistic eye and an intimate knowledge of surface muscle anatomy are needed to do this procedure successfully, along with refined liposuction instruments.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia and is time-consuming, taking up to six hours. After most of the fat has been removed, the fat that remains over the rectus muscle is preserved in such a way that the sculpted “six-pack” appearance is enhanced and defined. The subdermal fat is carefully removed to bring out the details. It is the subdermal fat that conceals the anatomy and it can be removed with vaser hi-def techniques. The lateral abdomen is sculpted to bring out the oblique muscles. The chest fat is sculpted to bring out the definition of the pectoralis and serratus muscles along the side of the chest. Fat can be injected into the pectoralis muscle if enhancement is desired.

Vaser hi-def liposculpture is not “abdominal etching” which is done by turning a traditional liposuction cannula opening upwards against the skin and removing the fat in grooves to try to simulate the contours of the rectus muscle. The abdominal etching technique can traumatize the skin and if not done well can give the abdomen an unnatural appearance.

Vaser® hi-def is a good technique for men who are fit, who may already be working out several times a week, who may have used personal trainers, but who cannot achieve a sculpted lean, muscular look. Patients who are overweight, or who have a large volume of fat should first lose weight and/or do a debulking procedure with vaser liposculpture.

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