Our Staff

To further enhance your cosmetic surgery experience, Dr. Lowen employs a professional and caring staff, including:

Shalena Boyd

Shalena brings years of experience to her  position as Patient Coordinator and Office Manager.  Shalena has worked in the aesthetics industry in all aspects from patient coordinator to sales, marketing and social media.  She takes pleasure in helping our patients understand their options and choose a course of treatment that suits them.  She coordinates our laser clinic, medical skin care program and fillers/ botox treatments.

 Nicolle Mendez, RN, Senior Aesthetic Nurse

Nicolle has years of experience in laser and intense pulsed light treatment including laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, stretch mark removal, photofacials for blood vessels and unwanted pigmentation.  She has a warm, caring personality that puts patients at ease.

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    "Outstanding results come from superb surgeon skills. I have dedicated my working life to the art of medicine and surgery. My artistic vision and intense attention to detail, as well as my real concern for my patients' happiness, are what have lead to such high satisfaction."