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Facelift Mountain View

Individuals interested in facial rejuvenation may be candidates for facelift surgery. At his practice serving Palo Alto, San Jose, and surrounding communities, Dr. Robert Lowen can help patients understand facelift surgery and other options so they can make educated choices about their care. The links below include Dr. Lowen’s personal philosophy on facelift surgery and information on the goals of facial rejuvenation. Patients can also contact our plastic surgery center to learn more.

Personal Approach to Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery corrects the lower face and neck. There is a limited, short-scar incision that goes in front of and behind the ear, but not into the hairline. The surgery corrects the sagging jowls and neck, and usually does not require an additional incision under the chin. Excess fat is removed. Because aging occurs in a vertically downward direction, the lift is in an upward vertical direction. This technique corrects the jowls and neck and helps augment the cheek. A vertical suspension done without tension avoids any unnatural, pulled look.

If there is excess laxity of the neck muscles further elevation and suspension of the neck muscle is done.


Often there is hollowing under the eyes, and loss of fat in the upper face. In such cases, fat transfer is done to the cheek, and the areas lacking fat above and below the eye, and temple.


Patients take off from work or social activities for two weeks. There is swelling for seven to ten days. Patients sleep with head elevated for several days. Small suction drains are removed after two days. Resolution of bruising is hastened by the use of arnica montana and bromelain. Patients must not take aspirin for three weeks before and after the procedure. Tylenol can be substituted.

Face Lift Risks

The risks of a facelift include bleeding, nerve injury, infection, asymmetry and healing problems including skin loss and excessive scarring.

Elevation of tissues is done in the fatty subcutaneous layer, decreasing the risk of injury to any branches of the facial nerve, which lie deeper underneath the SMAS.

With regard to skin loss, it is known that the traditional face lift is a risky operation for smokers. Dr. Lowen does not do facelifts for smokers.

In summary, good facelift surgery takes time, attention to detail, and appreciation of what looks younger and natural. We want minimal scar visibility, preservation of the normal delicate anatomy and position of the ear, and the ability to wear short hair.

New techniques, incorporating fat grafting, and vertical subcutaneous anterior lifting, avoid the swept back look of standard lateral approach facelift techniques, making a natural appearance after surgery a realistic possibility.

For more information on face lift techniques, contact our plastic surgery center. Dr. Lowen helps patients from across Northern California understand the many variables that need to be considered to maximize the results of their facial rejuvenation procedure.