SmartLipo Testimonials Mountain View

SmartLipo Patient Testimonial #1

“After my upper arms were treated with Smartlipo I did a boot-camp style workout and my arms weren’t stinging from jiggling. It was a wonderful feeling in every way!

The next day I worked on my laptop for a full day. I never needed pain medication, not even an aspirin, and I’m one who feels every bit of pain.

The procedure was straight-forward and easy, and I am very happy with the results. I can’t wait for the warm weather to show off my arms!

Linda B

P.S. An added benefit: you’ll love Dr. Lowen’s staff. They are the best!”

SmartLipo Patient Testimonial #2:

I had Smartilpo on my abdomen on a Thursday morning and was fine that evening. I could walk around with no pain. My abdomen felt sore (like after doing stomach crunches for the first time) but I didn’t need pain medication.

I had very good results immediately. It’s only been two weeks and it just keeps getting better. I’m so happy I don’t have to “suck it in” any more.

Dr. Lowen made me feel very comfortable and his staff is friendly and warm. I’m positive that if you chose to do Smartlipo you will not be disappointed!

Phyllis S. (San Jose SmartLipo )