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Gynecomastia Mountain View

Removal of excess fat and breast tissue from enlarged male breasts is effectively done through minimal incisions. Vaser or Smartlipo is used to melt the fat, and if there is residual breast tissue to be removed, it is done through small incisions at the base of the areola.

While the causes of gynecomastia are not fully understood, the most common type seen has no specific cause. It arises during and after puberty and is not because of an underlying medical problem. Initial work up of gynecomastia in the teen years may be done by an endocrinologist to rule out medically treatable causes. We commonly see men in their twenties and later who are healthy but have residual breast tissue and excess fat in their breasts. No involved medical work up is needed unless the gynecomastia has recently developed.

This is a very satisfying operation for doctor and patient as it gives men the self-esteem, self-image and confidence that they have been missing. Surgery is done as an office procedure under tumescent local anesthesia for enlargement that is primarily fatty, or in the outpatient surgery center if there is, in addition, breast tissue that must be surgically removed.

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