Patient Reviews Mountain View

Phenomenal, Perfectionist Doctor – 7 Nov 2019

I have to thank the previous reviewers here at Realself first and foremost for helping find this amazing doctor. I recall one of the reviewers that mentioned how Dr. Lowen is very meticulous and is a stickler for perfection. After my experience, I have to agree. Currently, I’m a week post op (leg lipo under local) and am feeling great. I can’t believe how smooth the op went. Pain was minimal. Even recovery time was better than I expected. I was able to go for a walk and work (from home) that same day. I didn’t even have to use pain meds! Dr. Lowen truly has a gentle touch.

I would have to say that the most uncomfortable part of recovery was the stitches, which he removed today. I still have some swelling and of course bruising. Which is to be expected considering it’s been only 1 week. But I’m already super happy with the results.

My case was a challenging one, meaning it’s very easy to get botched results in my case, but he did a phenomenal job. I will make sure to post pictures (before and recovery period as well as after) once I’m done healing. Just wanted to say thank you to the other reviewers and of course Dr. Lowen as well as his wonderful and sweet staff!

Best Doctor for Lipoma Removal – 29 Sep 2019

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Lowen and his team. Dr. Lowen is very meticulous and performed a minimal excision lipoma removal on my arm and I’m healing very nicely. My scars are diminishing and barely noticeable. I would highly recommmemd Dr. Lowen for this procedure as he has extensive experience and does a great job!

4 X4 Lipoma at the Back of my Neck – 28 Jun 2019

I have Kaiser insurance which will charge me over $12,000 under general anesthesia with a big cut at the back of my neck. I am so happy that I found Dr. Lowen which can get in done just under local anesthesia, a very small cut and the best things are it’s affordable compared to Kaiser and I don’t have to go under.

I am using a scar cream twice a day which I purchased in Dr. Lowen’s Office. Recovery was super easy, I was able to shower the same day of surgery. My daily activities continue just like nothing happened. I only took one pain killer on the surgery day after I got home and I was fine after that.

Thank you, Dr. Lowen!

Great Results for Tummy Tuck! – 4 May 2019

After having kids, I had muscle separation and loose skin. No amount of working out was going to make it go away so I decided to have a tummy tuck. I went to a few doctors before I decided on Dr. Lowen. He was meticulous and detailed. He was the most expensive one but I felt that he was the right doctor. It’s been a few years since my tummy tuck and the result is great! The scar is very thin and light. He did a great job!

Amazing Tummy Tuck – 22 Dec 2018

Dr. Lowen is amazing. My tummy tuck came out perfect. I was excited and nervous and he explained every detail on what he was going to do and what to expect. He is the best at what he does in my opinion. After my surgery he called to check on me often. I was able to text and call him anytime. He was available anytime I called. I never had to wait long periods of time for him to call me. This is important after a major surgery. So many concerns and questions arise after surgery. My visits to his office are pleasant. His staff is amazing. They are all very friendly. I visit his office often to have other treatments done by Alice. This includes Botox, fillers, laser treatments, and fillers. So glad I chose Dr Lowen for my tummy tuck. It was worth every penny!

7 Jan 2020

My wife had surgery 2 years ago and they still look amazing. She had a fast recovery., went to work 5 days later. We had two babies after that and she was able to breastfeed. Dr. Lowen was very professional, cared about what she wanted and he takes pride on his work. Most definitely recommend Dr. Lowen!

13 November 2019

I did breast augmentation with Dr. Lowen a month ago and have a really good experience. I did a consultation in this Aug and was happy about the procedure and the price, I want to do under-muscle and gel implants. Then a pre-op was scheduled after we have made the final decision, it was very helpful when Dr. Lowen and his staff helped me choose the right size and communicate with me about my target effect after surgery. Then in middle September, we decided the surgery date and the implant to be order, some medicine was prescribed to me to get ready for the surgery and a booklet with full acknowledgement of the surgery procedure and possible risk was given. The surgery was conducted in Oct 3rd and was very successful regardless how big my implant is compared to my chest size. During my recovery process, I was feeling very anxious about the pain and recovery speed and has made a lot of calls to Dr. Lowen’s office, him and his staff was all very patient during that process and was able to resolve my concerns in time, for that I couldn’t appreciate him more. Now, a month after surgery I am recovering well and is able to do some simple housework.

14 July 2019

I went to Dr. Lowen because he did a Breast Augmentation on my daughter. Her recovery was relatively fast and her results amazing! I am happy to say that my experience was equally successful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lowen.