Abdominoplasty – Am I a Good Candidate?

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Would you be a good candidate for abdominoplasty? This is a question that patients need to consider if they are thinking about undergoing the procedure. There are many factors that would make a patient a good candidate, including their cosmetic goals and general health.

Loose Skin, Muscle, and Fat Around the Abdomen

The main purpose of getting an abdominoplasty procedure is to address loose skin, muscle tissue, and fat on the abdomen. As such, anyone experiencing these issues would be a good candidate for this cosmetic solution.

These issues may occur due to significant weight loss, pregnancy, or the generalized loss of skin elasticity that accompanies the aging process. If any of these have caused you to experience cosmetic abdominal issues, a tummy tuck may be right for you.

This procedure is also ideal for patients who want more definition in their abdominal area and want to emphasize the figure that they’ve worked hard for. A tummy tuck can make the abs more pronounced and defined.

No More Future Pregnancy Plans

The effects that pregnancy has on the abdomen are well-documented, so if patients want to get an abdominoplasty procedure, they shouldn’t have any plans to have more children. Getting pregnant again can negate the aesthetic benefits of a tummy tuck.

If the patient wants to have children in the future, they can discuss their plans during the consultation. This will help them prepare for the eventuality while still enjoying what a tummy tuck can offer them.

At or Near Target Weight

Ideally, patients who are interested in getting an abdominoplasty should have already achieved or are close to achieving their weight-loss goals. Weight fluctuations after abdominoplasty can negatively affect the results of the surgery. For example, losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time can lead to more sagging skin around the abdomen.

In Good Overall Health

The likelihood of complications during and after surgery increases when candidates are not in good overall health. Additionally, poor health can negatively affect the abdominoplasty recovery period. As such, good candidates for this cosmetic solution should be generally healthy and non-smokers. Smokers will need to quit before the surgery.

Realistic Expectations

There are many things that an abdominoplasty can do, but like all medical procedures, it does have its limits. As such, it would be highly recommended for patients to have realistic expectations prior to undergoing the procedure.

Set Up a Consultation

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