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Blepharoplasty for Men Mountain View

Fat bags under the eyes develop as we age when the skin and supporting structures under the eyelid loosen. The intra-orbital fat descends over the orbital rim and gives us the characteristic baggy look. A combination of fat removal and skin and muscle tightening is done to remove this look.

The upper eyelids may also have developed bagginess that hangs down on the eyelashes, making us look tired and older. Treatment for this depends on an analysis of the individual’s anatomy. For some patients removal of a small amount of upper eyelid skin my be indicated, and for others where the problem is caused or compounded by descent of the eyebrows, a brow repositioning may be needed, or both. After blepharoplasty there is some bruising and swelling that usually resolves enough for social purposes in about one week, although full resolution of swelling and the final result take several months.

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