Plastic Surgery Just for Men Mountain View

Men can greatly benefit from cosmetic surgery because they have special needs for which several cosmetic surgery procedures have been developed.

The most common need is to get rid of accumulated body fat around the abdomen, waist or chest. Some men develop this body fat when they are young, and some get it as they age. For some it is genetically determined, and they just cannot get rid of it despite a vigorous workout schedule or dieting.

The particular problem of enlargement of the male breast, called gynecomastia, develops in adolescence. It usually resolves as men leave their teens, but for some men it remains and is permanent unless surgically treated.

Some men retain a layer of body fat around the chest and torso that defeats their attempts to get good pec definition or a “six-pack” abdomen. No matter how hard they work out, train, or lift weights, they cannot achieve a more sculpted, muscular appearance. The fatty layer under the skin will not regress to reveal the underlying anatomy. Liposuction, either Vaser® or Smart-Lipo™ greatly helps this.

These are the most common treatments available for Men:

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