Breast Augmentation Recovery Mountain View

Dr. Robert Lowen specializes in a rapid recovery breast augmentation technique that allows breast enlargement patients at An Enhanced You to enjoy a safe, comfortable, and satisfying plastic surgery experience. In fact, after following a series of 200 of his patients (with breast implants partially under the muscle), Dr. Lowen found that 95 percent were able to return to full, normal activity* in four days or less, and 85 percent resumed normal activity in three days or less. To achieve these impressive outcomes, his breast enlargement technique emphasizes a gentle, individualized approach that typically results in:

  • Less injury to tissues
  • Less bleeding
  • Less bruising (96 percent experienced slight or minimal bruising)
  • Less pain (87 percent used pain medications for three days or less)

After a breast enlargement patients are encouraged to rapidly return to normal activities. We expect you to be up and about the next day, and encourage you to wash your hair to get your arms above your head. We do not restrict arm motion in any way, and feel that the sooner you are mobile and moving your arms the sooner you will return to normal. Other than vigorous or aerobic activity for the first two weeks after breast enlargement surgery, we do not restrict your activity in any way.

After your breast enlargement patients usually required pain medication for one to two days, after which Tylenol® is sufficient for mild discomfort. Swelling is expected, and your breasts will feel tight and swollen for the first three weeks as you recover from surgery and as fluid that accumulates around the implant is absorbed. We do not use any drains, and the use of a bra after your surgery is entirely discretionary. You may remove any dressings the day after surgery and you are free to shower. Bruising is usually minimal. Nipple or skin sensation is temporarily decreased, but gradually returns to normal in most cases within several weeks.

Please contact our plastic surgery center today to schedule a personal consultation or to get more information on rapid recovery breast enlargement.

* Full normal activity is defined as being able to lift normal weight objects, raise hands over head and wash hair, and being able to drive. Figures are based on a series of 200 consecutive patients with implants placed partially under the muscle.