Reparative Body Surgery Mountain View

Reparative Surgery for Body Contouring Deformities

When liposuction is done by unskilled hands, serious deformities can result. Good results are far more likely when liposuction is done by a board-certified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, with specialization in aesthetic surgery.

Treating these deformities is challenging. Some areas may be deficient in fat, and the skin may be stuck to the underlying muscle fascia. There may be areas that have not had the fat evenly removed. Correction involves freeing up the scarred tissue and grafting healthy fat cells from another donor site to fill the depressions and make the skin less likely to stick down to the underlying muscle.

More than one procedure may be needed, and some deformities are not fully correctable.

Here is one example:

This forty-eight year-old woman had deformity of her abdominal wall after laser liposuction by a non-board certified doctor, with tethering of the skin to the abdominal wall, depressions and irregularity of contour and residual excess fat. Her first procedure with Smartlipo was done 18 months ago to even out the contours and free adhesions. The second procedure done 6 months ago included SAFE lipo, which is non-suction undermining with gradually increasing sizes of basket-tipped cannulas is to remove any high spots and transfer fat already present into depressions. Liposuction of the flanks and fat transfer of purified fat to fill the abdominal contour defects was done. Further improvement would be possible with another fat grafting procedure.