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Dr. Robert Lowen is an experienced plastic surgeon who emphasizes communication with his patients to help them enjoy satisfying cosmetic surgery results from eyelid surgery.

Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery Overview

Blepharoplasty removes the tired look caused by excess skin in the lower eyelids and gives the upper eyelids a more open appearance. Fat removal, if necessary, can be done without an external incision, so there is no visible scarring. Patients should also consider a lift of the lateral eyebrow if concerned with excess skin appearance in the upper lids.

Trans-conjunctival Lower Lid Fat Removal

This approach to the lower eyelid fat avoids interrupting the nerve branches that run through the orbicularis muscle, the muscle that closes the eye and rapid blinking. Cutting the nerves always occurs when the eyelid fat is approached from the skin side. The transconjunctival eyelid surgery approach goes through the inside of the lid, directly to the orbital fat.

This technique minimizes the risk of complications that can occur when operating through the lid from the outside. These complications include rounding of the corner of the eye, pull-down or eversion of the lid margin with subsequent tear film problems, or dry eye symptoms and loss of function of the specialized blink muscle located below the eyelashes.

Orbital fat serves a valuable function and is best preserved during the blepharoplasty procedure. Therefore, transconjunctival fat is only removed in selected eyelid surgery patients. Dr. Lowen emphasizes a conservative approach for best results.

Eyelid surgery is enhanced by adding structural fat grafting to the cheek and tear trough below the eye. This supports the lower lid and helps obscure the orbital fat that appears as fat bags. When indicated, skin of the lower lid is removed and the lower lid muscle is tightened to the orbital rim. This smoothes out the lower lid pushes the fat bags back up into the orbit where they belong.

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