Lux IR Skin Tightening Mountain View

Loose skin is a common concern, and non-invasive skin tightening is one of the ways to deal with it. The Lux IR (infra-red) precisely heats the skin to the temperature necessary to induce skin contraction. It is a comfortable treatment with no down-time.

The Lux IR applies heat fractionally through a sapphire-glass handpiece that contacts the patient’s skin. There are eight windows through which the heat is transmitted. The sapphire glass is chilled to 4 degrees centigrade and applied to the skin. Computer controlled cooling and heating ensues. The skin is pre-cooled for two seconds, then the infrared energy is transmitted through the eight windows for 3-5 seconds, after which there is three seconds of post-cooling. Safety factors include no use of anesthetic, and the patient’s signal to the nurse that some discomfort is felt at which the application of heat is discontinued while contact cooling continues. The area of the body and the energy settings determine if any discomfort is felt at all. We have never experienced an adverse reaction such as a burn or tissue damage.

Best results are achieved with a series of treatments, with more treatments on areas that require lower energy, and fewer treatments on areas that tolerate higher energy. The Lux IR can be used on the lower face and neck, the arms, the abdomen, and the flanks. It is quite versatile.

Some patients with loose skin on the abdomen, as well as stretch marks, alternate treatments with the Lux 1540, FDA approved for the treatment of stretch marks, with the Lux IR for skin tightening.