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Dr. Lowen now offers you a drug-free, wait-free, side-effect-free option for clearing your acne, no matter how severe your acne, and no matter what your skin type. NeoClear by Aerolase is effective, safe, and gentle for patients of all ages and ALL SKIN TONES, and for all parts of the body.

NeoClear is a new method of acne treatment that uses unique laser technology to gently deliver powerful energy for quick, side-effect-free results. The laser energy destroys acne bacteria and reduces inflammation to control your current breakouts while decreasing sebum and oil output to lessen the likelihood of future breakouts. In addition, it helps to generate new collagen, which diminishes any acne scars.

Why NeoClear?

Comprehensively addresses the causes of acne to achieve clear skin.

  • Reduces sebum production
  • Suppresses the inflammation
  • Destroys the p. Acnes bacteria
  • Reduces the formation of comedones by addressing the 3 previous causes of acne
  • As an added bonus, the treatment helps prevent the formation of scarring AND CAN BE USED ON ALL SKIN TONES

NeoClear addresses the causative factors of acne with a single device and treatment without side-effects

Acne Diagram

NeoClear Benefits

  • Safely, effectively, and tolerably treats ALL SKIN TYPES including dark and tanned skin without downtime or side-effects
  • Provides quicker clearance compared to the onset delay of oral and topical medications
  • May be used for any type or severity of acne without side-effects
  • Provides our patients with an alternative, cost-effective therapy for those who have failed prescription medications, cannot take or do not wish to take certain medications

UNMATCHED COMFORT- NeoClear’s unique laser technology offers a new, gentler treatment— even for those especially sensitive to pain. This gentle approach is, again, due to NeoClear’s unique 650 Microsecond Laser Technology™. The phrase “650-microsecond” refers to how quickly the laser passes energy into the skin. It occurs so quickly that the energy cannot spread to the surrounding skin, which is what makes other lasers so uncomfortable on your skin, thus eliminating the need for numbing creams, gels or cooling sprays. Depending on the size of the affected area, treatments typically take between 10-30 minutes. Today with NeoClear the days of uncomfortable laser treatments are a thing of the past.

Our unique treatment leaves your skin looking clear, healthy, and amazingly radiant.

Acne Before and After
Acne Before and After
NeoClear Before and After