SmartSkin Micro ablative Laser Skin Renewal Mountain View

SmartSkin is Cynosure Corporation’s most advanced fractional CO2 laser for skin renewal and wrinkle removal. It is gentle enough to treat fine lines around the eyes, tighten and improve the texture of the neck, and improve acne scars and severe wrinkles of facial aging. Both texture and photo-aging with abnormal pigmentation can be improved.

This patient is one week post “Madonna” lift, intended to open the eyes and soften fine wrinkling. Three treatments at 3-4 week intervals are recommended. The patient was able to go to work with a little make-up on the third day. Treatment on a Thursday or Friday, return to work on Monday. Appearance will improve after each treatment with minimal down-time. Patient of Dr. Lowen

318065 front
318065 left oblique
318065 left side

This patient was two months after fat transfer of 53 cc to the face, cheeks, lips, forehead and temples, followed by full face, neck and decollete resurfacing with Smart Skin CO2 laser. Patient of Dr. Lowen

Commonly requested areas are the eyes:

the peri-oral area or upper lip:

the neck:

and the face:

photos courtesy of Cynosure.

We can tailor the treatment to the amount of down-time the patient requests. For example, a mild treatment would require 1-2 days of social downtime, a moderate treatment 4-6 days, and a severe treatment 5-7 days. The milder treatments are sufficient to treat delicate areas such as the eyes, moderate treatments for the neck and decollete, and any of these choices for the face, depending on the degree of wrinkling and sun damage. It is also nice to know that we can do several lighter treatments with less down-time, instead of trying to get maximum correction with one treatment. For those patients who really do not want any social down-time, we offer the Lux 1540 non-ablative erbium laser which gradually transforms the skin in a series of 4-6 treatments. Side effects are temporary redness and swelling but no oozing.

The side effects from micro-ablative SmartSkin resurfacing is some oozing for 1-6 days that is treated with bland ointment and soaks. Redness lasts from several days to several weeks and gradually subsides. Sun protection and resumption of the normal skin care regimen is resumed after the skin is dry and free of irritation, usually several days to 1-2 weeks.

During the procedure, discomfort is possible, so patients first are treated with a strong topical xylocaine ointment and given some oral medication for pain and relaxation, depending on the procedure protocol chosen. Local anesthetic nerve blocks and infiltration can also be added. We do not use IV sedation or general anesthesia for these SmartSkin procedures, which we dofeel isnecessary for fully ablative CO2 procedures.