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Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis in the Bay Area, Public Health Officials have ordered citizens to “shelter in place” until April 7, requiring closure of the physical office. We want current and prospective patients to know that Dr. Lowen is available for online consultation and visits via phone, Facetime and Skype.

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Male Tummy Tuck Mountain View

After having gained and lost weight, the abdominal skin may have stretched out and hang loosely. There may be increased abdominal girth as well. These problems can be handled with a male tummy tuck, which consists of removing the excess skin via an incision that is hidden beneath the underwear line. If the girth is excessive, the rectus muscle fascia is tightened with sutures along the midline from top to bottom. Excess fat is removed with Vaser® liposuction. The recovery is 7-10 days for driving and about six weeks for working out.

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