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Visible correction of up to 16 signs of aging in just 6 weeks!*

ABOUT DefenAge:

DefenAge Skincare is the FIRST and ONLY 4th generation stem cell skin care, addressing up to 16 signs of skin aging in 6 weeks; clinical-study proven*. The key ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins®, features a stand-alone NATURAL mechanism of action, and has been named “the newest peptide on the market” and “one of the biggest breakthroughs in skin care”. These peptides are synthetically produced and target dormant Skin’s Master Stem Cells. Patent-pending and exclusively available in DefenAge®.

Clinical Power Trio is DefenAge’s core regimen, 4 to 8 week supply
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Double-blinded, placebo-controlled, multi-center, IRB-approved study:

Principal Investigator: Amy Forman Taub, MD, Lincolnshire, IL

Clinical sites:

  • Amy Forman Taub, MD, Lincolnshire, IL
  • Vivian Bucay, MD, San Antonio, TX
  • Gregory Keller, MD, Santa Barbara, CA

Participants: 45 participants total (15 per clinical site)
Testing Regiment: DefenAge Clinical Power Trio

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Twenty-two men and women were recruited for two studies: double-blinded placebo-controlled study (10 participants/5 per group, 48-68 year old/average 56, Fitzpatrik’s skin types II, III, IV) and open-label study (12 participants, 47-67 year old/average 58, Fitzpatrik’s skin types I, II, III, IV). The liposome-incorporated, synthetically produced alpha-defensin 5 and beta-defensin 3 supplemented with cosmetic base (DefenAge, Carlsbad CA) were applied topically along with SPF 30 on the face, post auricular and neck skin two times per day during 6 weeks. Study participants underwent imaging evaluation and skin testing at baseline, weeks 1, 4 and 6 of treatment. Individual skin health scores (evenness, wrinkles, pores and oiliness) for each study participant (before and after treatment) were calculated using QuantifiCare™ Clinical Imaging System (QuantiCare S.A. France) and then compared to QuantifiCare’s Reference Population Database of normal aging skin, adjusted for age, sex and skin type. Subjects also underwent evaluation for brown spots and redness and filled out a self-evaluation questionnaire.


The group of open-label study began the study at an almost “average” level (above 58% of subjects in population), in the database. At week 4, a visible reduction of wrinkles and brown spots and significant improvement in skin’s evenness were detected. At 6 weeks subjects advanced their skin scores and reached the “78%” level (above 78% of subjects in population; Figure 1), the decrease in visible skin age was a minus 18 (+ or – 4) years as defined by parameter evenness (a global measurement of the skin surface roughness including pore and wrinkle size and the even or coarse texture of the skin; Figure 2). Study participant’s own subjective assessment of results mirrored the objective results, 100% of subjects noted significant improvement. At 6 weeks in double-blinded study the formulations supplemented with DefenAge’s performance ingredients caused dramatic improvement of the skin conditions including significant decrease of visible lines, wrinkles, and dramatical visible improvement overall tone and texture, while null-formulations (placebo group) did not produce detectable signs of improvement.


We have demonstrated that a composition of defensins, topically applied on intact skin, comprehensively address the visible signs of aging skin.

Figure 1. Skin Scores

Figure 2. Before & After Images

* Based upon results from a 6-week clinical study (please see Study Design above).
Individual results may vary.

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