Photofacial Mountain View

The Palomar Starlux™ Photofacial treatment is used for facial rejuvenation and maintenance of a youthful skin appearance. Dr Lowen offers intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacials to revitalize the neck, chest, hands, or other areas of the body.

The Starlux™ Photofacial is a non-invasive option for improving skin tone and texture that can be completed in a short procedure in our Mountain View office. Age spots, discoloration, rosacea, facial veins, and other imperfections can be effectively treated during the procedure, which involves directing intense pulses of light at the skin’s surface. Unlike other IPL devices, the StarLux™ Photofacial system has an integrated sapphire cooling tip for greater patient comfort and safety throughout the skin or facial rejuvenation treatment. Most patients experience only mild discomfort and are able to return to routine activities immediately. However, the treated area will become photosensitive, so sun exposure should be avoided temporarily.

Starlux™ Photofacial treatment provides the most effective improvement with a series of four procedures. Most patients benefit from treatments performed every three to four weeks. Maintenance treatments may also be recommended every six months to maintain results. Studies have shown that patients who have photofacials regularly look younger for their age then patients who did not have such treatment. During your facial rejuvenation consultation at our Mountain View center, Dr. Lowen can recommend an individualized treatment plan to fit your specific needs. Additionally, Dr. Lowen can advise you of other options that may be utilized to enhance your results including skin care products, BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane® injections, or Radiesse® injections, and more.

For more information on Starlux™ Photofacial or other types of facial rejuvenation, Dr. Lowen invites you to contact our practice serving San Jose, and the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Lowen and his professional staff look forward to helping you reach your personal appearance goals with safe, effective treatment options.