Drainless Abdominoplasty Recovery Mountain View

If the thought of traditional tummy tuck recovery, with its bothersome drains and lengthy downtime, has you hesitant, consider drainless abdominoplasty in Mountain View. Dr. Robert Lowen’s modern approach ditches the discomfort of managing tubes and offers a potentially smoother, faster healing journey, unlocking remarkable benefits.

Unlike traditional methods, drainless abdominoplasty eliminates the need for surgical drains. No more measuring fluids, worrying about infections, or feeling constrained by tubes. This significantly reduces the hassle of recovery, allowing you to focus on resting comfortably and regaining your strength without the extra physical and emotional burden.

Swift Recovery Timeline

In just 12-14 days, you’ll find yourself back to your routine, ready for non-strenuous work, whether it’s in an office or a salon. For those in more physically demanding roles, like nursing, consider an additional 1-2 weeks for added confidence in handling patient care.

Mobility and Comfort Post-Surgery

Imagine being mobile right after the procedure, free from drains, catheters, or pain pumps. This is made possible by Exparel, a long-lasting local anesthetic that significantly reduces discomfort for up to three days. Say goodbye to the typical challenges associated with postoperative tummy tuck recovery.

Easy Posture and Movement Guidelines

During the initial week, Dr. Lowen will recommend maintaining a 30-40 degrees flexed position, supported by pillows under your back and knees. As you gradually walk bent over at the waist, you’ll experience reduced tension on the abdominal closure until the skin relaxes. It’s normal to feel tightness in the first week or two, gradually giving way to comfort over the first month.

Efficient Postoperative Care and Speedy Healing

Dr. Lowen’s meticulous postoperative care for drainless tummy tuck recovery involves applying Prineo dermabond tape at the end of the surgery, eliminating the need for extensive dressing. The tape stays in place for three weeks, allowing for a hassle-free shower after the initial three days. With no drains and reduced discomfort from Exparel, you’ll find yourself up and about, feeling better sooner than you might expect. This accelerated healing process is why most of our patients return to work within two weeks, even after extensive procedures.

Scar Management at Three Weeks

At the three-week mark, we delicately remove the Prineo tape, unveiling the next steps in scar care. You have the choice between BioCorneum silicone gel or Embrace silicone scar control pads for the subsequent months, ensuring optimal scar management and a seamless transition to a scar-free future.

Explore detailed answers to common questions about tummy tucks on our Q and A page on RealSelf.com. We at An Enhanced You Cosmetic Surgery Medical Group want you to be well-informed, confident, and comfortable at every stage of your drainless abdominoplasty recovery.

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