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Facial rejuvenation is highly in demand in the cosmetic industry, with MyEllevate being one of the latest innovations. This minimally invasive procedure allows patients to achieve younger, healthier, and more vibrant looks with none of the drawbacks of traditional surgical methods. For more details on what MyEllevate in Mountain View has to offer, patients can get in touch with An Enhanced You Cosmetic Surgery.

What Is MyEllevate?

MyEllevate is a non-incision necklift, a revolutionary new approach to face and neck rejuvenation that eliminates the scars of open necklift surgery. It’s a procedure that was invented by Dr. Gregory Mueller, FACS, a board-certified plastic surgeon. This method uses the ICLED® light-guided suture system, another invention by Dr. Mueller.
The idea behind this procedure is to enable facial rejuvenation with a light touch. It emphasizes precision when placing suture support systems that do not rely on incisions.

Good Candidates for MyEllevate

Mountain View patients looking for reliable and safe facial rejuvenation solutions that make them look younger without risking visible scarring are good candidates for MyEllevate. This method works best for patients who are already in good health and who maintain realistic expectations. It is best done before there is excessive loose neck skin and works well for early laxity as well as moderate laxity. Excess fat is treated at the same time.

Your Consultation

Dr. Robert Lowen will ask patients a series of questions when they come in for their scheduled MyEllevate consultation. Details about their medical history will need to be provided. The treatment areas will be carefully examined. Patients will be given more information as to what this procedure will involve.
If patients need clarification regarding any part of the procedure, they can feel free to ask questions during this visit to our Mountain View office.

Your Session

The MyEllevate treatment experience requires several hours to complete. During a MyEllevate treatment session, local anesthesia will first be administered to the treatment area. Once numbing is complete, Dr. Lowen will utilize ICLED® light guidance to place a suture support system under the skin of the neck in the treatment area. This will elevate the neck skin and underlying muscles.

MyEllevate Aftercare

Since MyEllevate is specifically designed to not rely on incisions, the recovery period after a treatment session should be relatively short. This approach will result in rapid healing because tissue trauma has been minimized as much as possible.

Patients can return to their everyday activities quickly. Patients can expect some mild discomfort following the MyEllevate treatment session. Minor swelling or bruising may be present but will fade shortly.

Results can be seen immediately following treatment. Full results will be apparent once all swelling has ameliorated.

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How Much Does MyEllevate Cost in Mountain View?

The cost of a MyEllevate treatment session will vary depending on several factors, mainly whether the MyEllevate necklift will be done with Precision laser-assisted liposuction and skin tightening or without liposuction. The cost will be discussed when patients come in for their scheduled consultation.

View MyEllevate FAQ

Set Up a Consultation

For more details about MyEllevate in Mountain View, patients can schedule a consultation with An Enhanced You Cosmetic Surgery. Contact us today!

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