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Arm Lift Mountain View

Arm Lift Overview

Brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, is a body contouring procedure to remove excess skin or fat from the upper arms. The decision to perform brachioplasty depends on how much of the undesirable contour of the upper arms is due to excess fat and how much is due to sagging and excess skin. If the problem is fat excess with minimal skin excess, then liposuction is the indicated procedure. If there is significant sagging with loose skin, brachioplasty is required with excision of the excess skin. In addition, liposuction is performed for excess fat.

The arm lift incision usually extends from the hollow of the underarm down toward the elbow. The greater the sagginess, the further toward the elbow the incision must extend to achieve the desired result. The incision is placed to minimize any visibility at the lower inner aspect of upper arm. This will keep the scar from being seen by someone behind you or in front of you unless you raise your arms up and widely.

Arm Lift Recovery

Brachioplasty is an outpatient body contouring procedure performed under general anesthesia. The arms are wrapped with ace bandages for several days, and then a compression sleeve garmenet is worn for two weeks. Sutures are absorbable and under the skin, so no sutures need to be removed. The scar will be red for up to a year. By careful suturing with some permanent deep sutures, Dr. Lowen tries to achieve fine-line scar healing. Dr. Lowen recommends use of Bio-corneum silicone ointment to improve scar quality and shorten the healing period. Scar redness gradually fades over six to 12 months. We also offer complimentary Lux 1540 scar laser treatment to further improve scar healing. Time off work is usually one week.

To learn more about body contouring options like thighplasty and brachioplasty, please contact our plastic surgery center in Mountain View today. Dr. Lowen can help you explore your body contouring options and make an educated treatment choice.