Vein Treatment Mountain View

At his laser and cosmetic surgery center serving San Jose and the entire South Bay, Dr. Lowen utilizes several advanced laser systems to safely, comfortably, and effectively treat unsightly veins on the legs and face:


Spider Vein and Vascular Facial Lesions Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light and Laser treatment for unwanted spider veins (telangiectasia) of the legs and face is an effective, safe, and reliable procedure. Intense pulsed light treatment is also effective against rosacea, a condition causing undesirable redness of the face and neck as well as being effective for unwanted pigmentation of the face, hands and arms.

Current laser spider vein treatment for the legs and facial vessels includes the Palomar 1064 YAG laser and the Palomar Starlux IPL. The intense pulsed light source is excellent for facial vessels, both rosacea and telangiectasia (small red vessels). For larger nasal vessels and red vascular spots, called cherry angiomas, on the face and body, we also use the state-of-the art 1064 YAG laser. The YAG laser is the gold standard for rapid and efficient removal of spider veins on the legs which formerly had to be treated with multiple injections of a sclerosing solution. Because the laser removes the vessels with a pulse of light, even the smallest of vessels can be treated, something that was impossible with injections.

Treatment of the face with the Starlux IPL and 1064 YAG laser causes no bruising. Areas on the face will turn red for several hours, and patients may notice a temporary prickly sensation. Depending on the extent of treatment on the face, there may be swelling for several hours or more. However, treatment of small areas of facial vessels usually causes no side effects that would prevent patients from returning to work and other activities. After treatment on the legs, the areas will look like a mosquito bite for several hours, with some redness along the trace of the blood vessels. This fades out over the next several weeks until the vessel remnant disappears. Re-treatment is done at six weeks intervals, if any vessels remain. We have treated patients whose legs and thighs were virtually covered with large and small spider vessels and seen them entirely cleared.

Starlux IPL and 1064 YAG Laser Advantages: Body and Face

Why is this a better treatment for unwanted blood vessels than other methods?

  • There is no need for a needle electrode to pierce your skin. Only the laser or intense pulsed light beam touches your skin.
  • No anesthesia is needed. The handpieces chill and soothe the skin as the light energy is being applied.
  • There is no bruising. There is minimal chance of scarring.
  • Even tiny vessels can be treated.
  • The intense pulsed light and laser treatments are a quick and easy procedure.
  • The technology is computer controlled, and the chance of complications is minimal.
  • IPL and Laser treatments are reasonably priced.

Dr. Lowen and his staff have performed many spider vein and facial blood vessel treatments. We can help patients interested in treating unwanted blood vessels of the face and body understand options like Starlux IPL and 1064 YAG treatment.

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