Scar Treatment Lux 1540 Laser Mountain View

The Cynosure Lux 1540 is an advanced erbium non-ablative fractional laser that improves the appearance of healing as well as established scars.

The technology involves the application of hundreds of tiny laser pulses in a 10-15 cm round array that coagulates superficial tissue in tiny micro-columns. The affected tissue then is gradually replaces by new elastic and collagen fibers in the upper dermis. The laser breaks down disorganized, thick collagen in older scars which are then remodeled with softer more aligned collagen fibers. For new scars the laser prevents the scar tissue from thickening undesirably. The scar appears to mature sooner and become flatter and less red.

This laser is also used for stretch marks and general photo-rejuvenation on the face for wrinkles, acne scars, large pores and irregular pigmentation.

This laser is the first to receive FDA approval for treatment of stretch marks as well.