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This procedure augments and shapes the buttocks using your own fat. The procedure is done to remove fat from areas where it is not wanted and distributes it to the buttocks for both shaping and augmentation. The bonus is that instead of throwing away fat that would be removed for a liposuction procedure alone, it can be used to enhance the buttocks.

For patients who do not have as much fat for optimal augmentation, the appearance of the buttock can still be significantly improved by artistically done liposuction of the areas surrounding the buttock. These would be the lateral hip area, the upper posterior thigh, and the waist and flanks.

The first step in improving the appearance of the buttock is to analyze shape, taking into account all the variables of width, height, surrounding fat-containing areas, age, skin tone and patient goals. If there is enough fat surrounding the buttock, e.g., the hips, waist and flanks, the procedure is done in the face-down position. If more fat is needed, it can be obtained from the abdomen as well.

For very slim patients, without much body fat, it is difficult to harvest enough fat to get a large augmentation, and implant methods may have to be considered.

The advantage of using one’s own fat, is that there is no foreign body like an implant that could give more complications, both short and long term.

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