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30 Y/o Cellulaze to the Front on Thighs. Mountain View, CA

I have had some minor cellulite to the front of my…

26 Jun 2014

2 months post

I have had some minor cellulite to the front of my thighs that no amount of exercise would remove. I had cellulaze performed about two months ago, and couldn’t be more pleased! I have zero cellulite in the area treated! I know the final results take about 3-6 months to see, but I couldn’t be more pleased at this time.
Recovery time- the first forty-eight hours were probably the worst, as I was very swollen! I managed to walk around the second day, and exercise (running) two weeks after the procedure. The bruising faded about one week after the procedure.

Dr. Lowen is fantastic! I immediately felt at ease with him, due to his upfront, honest opinions! He is a absolute perfectionist with this procedure, and even went past the scheduled time (4 hours) to make sure the procedure was done correctly. I am so pleased with the results, I am planning on having my posterior thighs completed later this year!

48 Years Old, 3 Kids, Enough Said. – Mountain View, CA

It has been one week since my surgery with Dr….

  • 25 Mar 2014
  • 7 days post
It has been one week since my surgery with Dr. Lowen and I couldn’t be more pleased. Everything went extremely well from the moment I called the office to schedule the apt to the follow up. Dr. Lowen is simply amazing!!!!
I am surprised at how fast I am recovering and how little pain I was in. The meds do work!!! I think the one thing that has helped me the most was doing the stretches, raising your arm over your head 5 reps every hour after the surgery. I only did this like 6 times a day, but Im not as stiff as I thought I would be. I was able to shower, blow dry my hair and do my makeup four days after the surgery. What can I say, Im a hairstylist and wanted to feel pretty:)
Everyone told me, ” you’re going to hate your boobs at first, and think they are ugly, don’t worry, they will drop and fluff in time.” Well, I must say I don’t feel that way. I think they look amazing and so natural. I know this is not the norm.
I do have to say I did go into a funk with the meds. The pain medication made me feel depressed and weepy. I think its important to have a positive person watching you after the surgery. My boyfriend helped me think more clearly when I was feeling sad. He said, Its the meds, your gonna feel better after all the meds clear your system. It was tough!!! But, I’m feeling better now. Also, my nipples feel a little sensitive, my doctor said its because they are stretched and it has to to with the nerve endings. I didn’t go through the nipple and am happy with that decision. It was nice to read all these reviews and know that we can all learn from each other and also not feel so isolated. I am pretty private and only told a couple of people, so it was great to come to this sight. Hope this helps someone!!! Stay positive :)
Robert M. Lowen, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon

It was phenomenal to have Dr. Lowen as my doctor. A few of my friends had him as there doctor and they as well as myself couldn’t be happier!!! Make an apt and see for yourself, he is very particular,precise, and knowledgeable. Plus, his staff is amazing!!!! So relieved I went with him.

45 with Implants I Hate and Breast That Need a Lift! – Mountain View, CA0

I got my implants about 6 years ago and let’s just…

4 Apr 2014

13 days pre

I got my implants about 6 years ago and let’s just say “What a mistake”!
Doing this surgery, I mistakenly thought that it would give my breast the lift they needed but alas, all I got was just heavier looking upper body which really made me uncomfortable.
Due to dieting throughout the years and losing and gaining weight, my breasts have sagged and the nipples are pointing downwards. I thought that if I added volume, I would be able to give myself the youthful appearance I was hoping for. What I got was a D size cup (I was a small C before), that was uncomfortable for me and as I work out 6 days a week, I always feel that I need to warp them up with 2 bras to keep them from bouncing around.
A week to 10 days before my period, they seem to get even more swollen and bigger which causers much discomfort and makes my shirts, jackets etc… feel like they just don’t fit.
My breasts are still sagging but they are even bigger and I just hate having the implants! I want them out ASAP.
I have been doing much research and reading about the procedure and thank you to all the generous ladies on this site that have shared their story, which help me make up my mind to go ahead and seek a PS to get the surgery done.
Mid March I made an appointment with the PS and discussed my wishes and hopes. I have one breast that is somewhat smaller than the other, which also adds to my insecurity but I do understand that I can’t expect breast of a 20 year old. With that said, I want to have the implants removed (hate them) and I want my breasts lifted. The PS said he can make them look so much better with a lift and positioning of my nipples and removal of the excess skin.
I felt very comfortable with the PS and his team and went ahead with booking my procedure. I am so excited and just can’t wait, I am counting down the days and I just hope everything goes well. I have already gotten all the required medication, special wash, towelettes to wash myself as my surgery is Friday and the PS said I will not be able to shower till Sunday night. For someone who showers 2x a day, not showering for almost 3 days sounds like a nightmare. I ordered a special bra and took a few days off work for my recovery and I am ready, bring it on.

10 days and counting!

  • 8 Apr 2014
  • 9 days pre
OMG, so excited!!!! Can’t wait till Friday the 18th for the surgery.
I am counting the days and for some reason it’s just going sooooo slowly.
Now that the decision has been made, the date booked and I have requested the time off, I just wish it would be here already.
I keep looking in the mirror, imagining myself without the implants and I am ecstatic. I really want them OUT of me and can’t wait to be just “me” again.
I hope everything goes smoothly and I have no complications but I am very positive and a healthy person, I don’t smoke or drink and I just trust that all will be fine. Wish me luck and I will get back to you once I have undergone the procedure and let you know how it went.

I have a week to go!

  • 10 Apr 2014
  • 7 days pre
This month seems like the loonnggestt month of my life. the days just won’t pass and Friday 4/18 could not get here soon enough.
I am concerned about feeling nauseous the day of the surgery, as they don’t allow you to eat or drink anything from the night before and they give you so much medication any suggestions ladies? I know it sounds silly but I really am afraid of feeling sick!!
FRIDAY the 18th is almost here and I can’t wait to be looking at myself and not having these foreign objects inside me.

Well, I had it done!

  • 19 Apr 2014
  • 1 day post
Today I am one day after my operation and feeling ok. a bit of pain but nothing that some Tylenol can’t handle. I am felling tired so I am in bad most of the time.
Got to the surgical center at 8:30 am and was in the operating room by 9:40 a.m. I really don’t remember anything after till I woke up in the recovery room. The team that took care of me were fabulous and my husband picked me up and took me home. I have to say I am really waiting for tomorrow to have a shower. I have cleaned myself in the tub with some soap and water but I really want to get this bandage off and wash my hair.
I am a bit worried about what I will see when the bandages are removed. My PS said that he took quite a bit of skin off and that I am small now. I honesty have to say that I don’t really care as I am happy to have these bags out of me and I look forward to being “small” again. Jackets and other tops will fit better and I work out and really didn’t what I had before.
I hope the healing is fast as I do feel weak right now and would like to feel myself again.

It’s been a week now!

  • 25 Apr 2014
  • 7 days post
I am feeling great and wish I was able to work out but as I want to make sure that my healing goes well, I will do as instructed and take it easy for 2-3 weeks.
I have to say that wearing a bra 24-7 is not the most comfortable thing. I did purchase the special after surgery bras that have been recommended but I wish I also ordered the large 8×3 gauze strips to protect my incisions. I have now went ahead and ordered them and meantime am using the little gauze pads I do have but they are falling out and not comfortable.
I have just finished all my antibiotics and luckily did not really need any of the strong pain medication prescribed.
I do have to say that my tata’s look the best they ever have…maybe even better than when I was younger!! I love not having the implants and still have good amount of breast tissue. I love that I don’t seem so top heavy and that my girls are standing nice, tall and firm with the nipples pointing UP!!!
I guess my surgery took longer than was first calculated as the PS office called and said I needed to pay about $670 extra for the extra time and anesthesiologist. I have to admit, I was a bit ticked off as it was already a super expansive procedure but what am I to do? I am pleased with the end results and I am glad my PS took his time and did not cut corners, I wanted good results and I got them.

2 weeks post op, how happy am I?

  • 30 Apr 2014
  • 12 days post
I feel such confidence, I wonder why I didn’t get he lift a long time ago…?
My girls look so great and even without the implants, I still have a size that’s enough for me. I am so glad I am not big as I was anymore. LOVE THE RESULTS!
Still sensitive and wearing the surgical bra 24/7. I am ready for things to heal so I can start working out again but I know it takes some time, so I need to have patience.

PS was extremely knowledgeable and realistic, which I appreciate I want to know what to expect and not promises he can’t deliver. The office staff was nice and friendly and made me feel comfortable. I am looking forward to my procedure more than I even thought I would .

Mommy Makeover–splitting my Procedures -Mountain View, CA

Sexxy Mamma

I just turned 41 and told myself that I would…

7 Dec 2013

2 months post

I just turned 41 and told myself that I would decide to do a Mommy Makeover in my early 40′s. With my upcoming paid sabbatical giving me 5 weeks off, I decided it was now or never.
I had consultations with 2 local plastic surgeons and dozens of conversations with fellow girlfriends who had undergone the Tummy Tuck procedure. It was after those various conversations and professional consultsthat I decided to move forward.
I started my plastic surgeon selection on this very site (Real Self). After several reading several reviews on Dr. Robert Lowen, I decided to reach out to his office for a consultation.
My consultation was scheduled with a week of my inquiry. His Patient Coordinator, Shalena, was professional, welcoming, but more importantly, people-friendly! I met with her for 20 minutes to explain the procedures and desired outcome I had for each. Immediately after that, I met with Dr. Lowen. Now, after reading all the Real Self and Yelp! Reviews on Dr. Lowen, I was fully prepared for an extremely dry and stand-offish consult. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised with a non-nonsense, direct, extremely technical, and in-depth consultation with Dr. Lowen. (As a side note, I work in the tech field and have a keen desire for details. In my book, Dr. Lowen was a perfect match). We discussed both procedures and look at photos of both for nearly an hour. During this hour, Dr. Lowen walked me through the surgical techniques he would use for both my breast lift and my abdminoplasty + vaser liposuction. This is where I learned Dr. Lowen leveraged a drain-less surgical technique which meant I would not need drains for either procedure. He asked me questions about my weight, my diet, my lifestyle, my family (i.e. number of children) and why I wanted to do these procedures. I gave him my answers and then we proceeded to an examination room. During the exam, Dr . Lowen and his female assistant were both present. Dr. Lowen measured my breasts from collar bone to nipple tip. At this point, he told my breasts were asymmetrical and the number of centimeters one drooped lower than the other. He then told me and showed me where firm breasts should sit (in centimeters). He also advised that I would need an extended Tummy Tuck and recommended I split my surgeries into 2 procedures. After I dressed and we were back in the consultation room, he told me that the breast lift procedure would take approximately 3-3.5 hours while the Tummy Tuck would be between 7.5-8 hours. As such, combining the 2 surgeries would leave me under anesthesia far too long and increase risk. Frankly, as someone who had never had major surgery or been under anesthesia, I agreed that I’d prefer to minimize the risk. I was also grateful to hear that I had enough breast tissue so that I would maintain the same bra cup size and would not need any implant–YAY!
I left Dr. Lowen’s office with patient referrals to women who had done similar procedures to mine and a quote for both surgeries.A week later, I had another consult with a plastic surgeon my girlfriend had recommended. Meanwhile, I had reached 2 of the 3 patients Shalena had given me and had stellar recommendations from both of them. Both of them offered to send me pics or meet with me to show me their scars and results. One of them actually sent me her post-op photos. I was astounded by how good she looked and even more amazed when she told me 7 of her fellow family members had their abdminoplasties done by Dr. Lowen. I was also grateful that both patients had completed their procedures within 5-6 months of me speaking to them.As to my 2nd consultation…the Dr.’s office was a lot closer to my home and his practice had its own Operating Room so their would be no need to travel to different surgery centers. Beyond this, however, the pros end there. This Dr., while friendly and a possessing a pleasing bed-side manner, made me feel like I was on a used car lot. After entering an examination room and undressing, the Dr. entered the exam room solo. We discussed both procedures and looked at very old photos of his previous patients. He then asked me to briefly turn around while he opened my gown and glanced at my body. Unlike Dr. Lowen, he never measured my breast droopiness and all he said was your breasts are asymmetrical. He didn’t have me fully disrob and didn’t look at my back to tell me whether I would need liposuction on my back (Dr. Lowen had done both and had told me I would not need back liposuction). He then told me I would need an extended tummy tuck with traditional liposuction. As for the breast lift, he was confident he could do both procedures in 6 hours total. When I asked him about drains, he said he would recommend I get them. I was the. Asked to get dressed and meet his coordinator for my quote. Overall, the consult took 45 minutes (compared to 1.5 hours with Dr. Lowen). I was given a quote of $21K for 2 procedures that would be performed at the same time and take 4-5 hours less time than Dr. Lowen’s quote. I asked for patient referrals and was told they don’t usually do those and she would have to contact patients to ask. She also asked if she could give them my number instead of giving me theirs. I said sure. I left the office feeling really disappointed and more determined that my gut-feel was right the first time…Dr. Lowen was the right Dr. for me.
I had my breast lift scheduled for Oct. 29th and my tummy tuck scheduled for Dec. 2nd with Dr. Lowen. I moved one sabbatical week off to the end of Oct. During my pre-op appointment (approx. 21 days before my BL surgery), my husband joined me. I was given numerous documents to sign, pre-op pictures were taken, and my husband and I asked questions about what to expect during recovery. I was also given my prescriptions and told to begin cleansing the breast area with Hibercleanse 3 days prior to surgery.
BL surgery day—we arrived 1 hour before the scheduled surgery time. I met with my anesthesiologist and Dr. Lowen a half hour before the surgery. Dr. Lowen made all his markings and advised my husband to return with my prescriptions about 3 hours later. I was escorted by my nurse and the anesthesiologist into the OR.
I awoke 3.5 hours later with an extremely dry mouth, a bandaged chest, and lots of pain!! My nurses at he Menlo Park Surgery Center were amazing and took great care of me. I spent the next 3 days in my recliner taking Vicodin, an antibiotic, and ibuprofen for the swelling every 4 hours. By Day 4, I was off the narcotic, had completed the antibiotic, and was only using ibuprofen to manage the pain. I even went on a 3 mile walk. My breasts looked incredible and perky despite the fact that they looked smaller. Thankfully, I was able to fit perfectly into my 36D Victoria Secret bras. They look amazing. My areoles had been reduced in diameter and were in perfect proportion to my breasts. I was able to return to work 5 days after my surgery.

Part II–Abdominoplasty (or Tummy Tuck)

  • 9 Dec 2013
  • 2 months post
I had the 2nd procedure of my mommy makeover on Dec. 2nd. This was an extended tummy tuck which included vaser liposuction of the abdomen, waist, and flanks. In addition, he lipod’d my monds area. He asked me whether I wanted this area lipo’d. The reason for doing it is that sometimes when a patient’s abdomen is flattened so severely, the vaginal monds will appear puffy and peek through their underwear. When my doctor explained this to me, I heard camel toe. LOL. Of course, I told him to lipo the heck out the area. The procedure took 7.5 hours to complete. When I awoke from the surgery, I had a slight temperature of 101. But, after some Tylenol and some directed air with a blower, I was released to go home. I have to say the surgery center recovery nurses were horrible, inconsiderate, and unprofessional. The spent my recovery time texting on their cell phones and gossiping. If I could have lifted my arms to smack them, I would have. This aftercare experience was so dramatically different from the surgery center experience for my breast lift. I would never go back to ACS again.
As for the recovery, I’m in Day 8 today. The first 3 days were horrible! I couldn’t get out of our recliner on my own or wipe my own butt. I had horrible back pain, but my doctor says this is common. Thank god for my husband! He was amazing. He fed me, helped me get to the bathroom, and slept with me in the recliner my first night home. I didn’t have much of an appetite the first few days after surgery. I took vicodin, antibiotic, and ibuprofen every 4 hours. I also had a pain pump for the first 3 days that was inserted under the skin to provide medication to the incision. The decision for a pain pump was entirely mine. It was an additional $450 in cost. My doctor didn’t sway me one way or the other. It was purely my decision. I’m so glad I opted for it. The pain was so intense those first 3 days. I can’t imagine what if would have been like without it. I was bandaged up and told I couldn’t take a shower for 4 days. That was horrible. But, I had my nurse friend come over on Day 3 to give me a sponge bath and wash my hair. I feel so much better after that! On Day 4, miraculously, I had enough mobility that I could almost get off the recliner on my own and was able to wipe myself. I also had my first pre-op on Day 4 and my pain pump removed. The doctor said I was healing nicely. I should say that (thankfully) I didn’t have drains. My doctor used a drain less technique for the tummy tuck. He did the same for my breast lift. This was one less thing for me to worry about :)
At my post-op, my doctor added a few stitches where the pain pump tubes were removed, added gauze to my incision and bandaged me back up. He advised me to remove the gauze and take a real shower in 2 days. On Day 6, I showered alone and finally had a peek at my surgical results. Wow! I can’t believe how flat my stomach is! There is still significant swelling but it looks amazing. My skin is nearly stretch mark free and I have a new belly button. I will post photos soon!

Day 8 + new photos

  • 10 Dec 2013
  • 2 months post
I’m on Day 8. My nurse friend visited today and we talked for a bit. I was able to take another real shower. I was able to move around much better today. Going a little stir crazy and still trying to take it easy.
I finally took some photos today. I’ve been wearing these foam pieces underneath the binding. My Dr. recommended doing so to keep the swelling down. You’ll notice an indentation in my skin, however that’s not the incision but the indentation from the foam core.

Day 11- 2nd post-op

  • 14 Dec 2013
  • 2 months post
I had my 2nd post-op to remove the small stitches from the pain pump. I also had my weigh-in with the weigh lost center. I’m still swollen but need to get a good sense of where I am with my weight loss progress. Prior to my Tummy Tuck, I was down 14.5 pounds. As of today, I was down another 4 lbs. Yay! I miss being able to walk and really have to be careful with the eating.
As for the Doctor’s appt, he said I’m still healing nicely and the swelling is down considerably. I’m glad I don’t have to wear a compression garment. Instead, he cut new foam pieces for me and he gave me a new binding. I will take pics tomorrow of the binding I have. I have to go back next week to have the stitches removed from my navel.
After the Dr., I took my friend to lunch and we walked over to my favorite boutique. It was the most walking I have done since the surgery.

Day 15: No more narcotics and feeling so much better

  • 8 Jan 2014
  • 3 months post
On Day 15, I’ve been off the vicodin for 3 days and am taking both Tylenol and ibuprofen for the pain/swelling. I’m so much more mobile now and have taken pictures of myself. I’ve had my 1st post-operative review and have even gone back to my weight loss center (Jumpstart MD) for my 1st post-op weigh-in. I’m happy to report I’ve lost 6 lbs since my surgery date and this doesn’t even account for the swelling that I’m still displaying.I asked my doctor about my binding garments since I’ve seen many other reviews on RealSelf where women that are post-op abdominoplasty use full on girdles. My doctor doesn’t use these types of bindings. Instead, I have these 1/2 inch foam cores that are about 5X6 inches in size strategically placed against the front of my abdomen and around the left and right side of my flanks. These foam cores are then bound to me with a Marena binder (think large Ace bandage that is the same fabric as a girdle. I’ve attached a photo from the Marena website). My doctor says he sees better results with this type of post-operative ‘garment’. I must say, as far as comfort goes, it is so much easier than having to wear a girdle with legs that feels 2 sizes too small. it’s easier to remove and clean on a daily basis. I just remove them when I bathe and then wipe the foam down with an anti-bacterial wipe. As for the Marena binder, I throw it in the washing machine on cold, delicate cycle with Borax. Then, I let air dry. It’s worked great.
I’m hoping to be off of

Day 28… Walked 3 miles and am feeling soooo much better!

  • 8 Jan 2014
  • 3 months post
On Day 28th, I am both amazed and so ecstatic about my results. At this point, I could hug my Doctor to death :) . I’ve gone on 2 walks this last week. The first one was 2 miles and the second was 3 miles. It felt a little strange and definitely felt tired after the first 2 miles. Since I’m scheduled for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon on Jan 19, 2014 in 3 weeks, I need to get ready somehow. The Dr. says I definitely cannot run the half marathon but he has no objections to me walking it. I’m excited, tentative, and slightly scared about my performance. As long as I finish, I’ll be happy.
The hubby and I have also had sex since then. I was only brave enough to try it once about 2 days ago. I was on top and that felt better. And, no, I didn’t wear my binding garments. LOL. I was a little self-conscious about the abdominal scar. But, honestly, given how amazingly flat my stomach is, I am not complaining!!! Have a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

Day 8 Photos

  • 8 Jan 2014
  • 3 months post
Updating my first review with better photos

Dr. Lowen is a master at his craft. He is extremely professional, seasoned, and skilled in his profession. He is a perfectionist and diligent in achieving the best results for his patients. He is no-nonsense, direct, and honest in his assessments of the results you can expect from him. His delivery and execution of the procedures totally align with the expectations he sets. I will only use Dr. Lowen for my plastic surgery procedures. I would also recommend his work to all my family and friends.

Breast Augmentation/ Breast Lift – Mountain View, CA


My sister who had also done a breast augmentation…

22 Jun 2013

2 months post

My sister who had also done a breast augmentation recommended Dr. Lowen to me. She was very happy with her results and I was extremely happy with mine also. I am very pleased I went ahead with it because it was a life-changing event for myself. I have so much more confidence and love talking about my experience. My breast look amazing! He was so professional and made me feel comfortable through my whole process. It was well worth it! Thank you Dr. Lowen

He’s amazing!

Love my Tummy Tuck! – Mountain View, CA


After a 50 lb plus weight loss last year, it was…

  • 24 Apr 2013
  • 29 days post
After a 50 lb plus weight loss last year, it was time to have the tummy tuck I had wanted for almost 30 years! I am 58 years old and am healing well. I am delighted and am looking better every week. Friends that have had the surgery all said it was the best thing they had ever done and I totally agree.

Finally a photo!

  • 13 Aug 2013
  • 5 months post see above left.
Almost five months since surgery. Feeling amazing every time I pass a mirror.

Before Photos

above right 2-5

I did find some photos Dr took at the pre-op in middle of March 2013. They of photos of photos so not that clear but you get the idea.

Almost six month update!

  • 16 Sep 2013
  • 6 months post
I gotta say this last month has been a vast improvement in my recovery – I am feeling almost completely normal pain wise and looking fantastic! I had almost two weeks off from work for a stay at home vacation and I believe my body needed that to heal and relax. I took it easy but worked out at the gym almost daily. Not that I was in much pain but now I can tell a big difference.

I found Dr. Lowen and his staff to be very professional. The doctor answered all my questions and I felt he had the experience, confidence and expertise to do a great job which he has. He was very honest with me every step of the way.


“All I Can Say Is- Wow

Posted by jlr819 -Bay Area Updated November 21, 2012


I had cellulaze done in mid April and the results have been fantastic. I, like many of the women on the forum, am of normal weight, but have been cursed with cellulite since my early 30′s (43 now). While there is definitely still some bumpiness, there is noticeable smoothing and skin tightening. I also had laser lipo on my saddlebags and inner thighs (honestly didn’t notice them before because I was so distracted by my cellulite!) and the overall results have been stunning. I actually didn’t experience much bruising (and I bruise VERY easily)–my MD uses these foam pads against the area, under the compression garment, which apparently lessens the bruising. If you are considering the procedure, don’t expect to come out looking like a Sports Illustrated model–the results are great, but not perfection.
I did experience a little more pain than I thought I would, but it was mostly discomfort when sitting. In my opinion, the promotional videos minimize the amount of pain.

The results of the cellulaze plus lipo were much better than I expected, but I went into the procedure thinking that even a 10-20% improvement would make me happy. I’d say I got a 50-60% improvement. My boyfriend was speechless, and the “all I can say is wow” tag line came from his response after he was able to speak.

Posted July 11, 2012

I’ve been going to Dr Lowen for several years for botox, etc., but had never undergone a major procedure. When Dr Lowen started offering Cellulaze in early April, I signed up immediately. He is extremely focused during procedures and doesn’t hesitate to take the extra time to make things as perfect as they can be. It truly seems to be an art for him. I appreciate his skill and would definitely go to him for other procedures. The office staff (Kimberly and Tiffany) are warm, friendly, and make the overall experience great.

November 7, 2012

“Best in the Bay Area!-Mountain View, CA”

Posted byDeeChloe in Mountain View, CA

October 25th, 2012

He came highly recommended and the amount of care he gave me was exceptional. At my initial consult Dr. Lowen spent almost two hours examining me and giving me the time to try on different bras, shirts, sizes just to make sure he understood my needs and expectation. All of this before I even made a commitment. After 6 different consultations I knew he was the one. The best perfectionist and precise plastic surgeon out there.

Lipoma Removal with No Scar! – Bay Area, CA


Dr. Lowen does amazing work! I had a very…

5 Jul 2012

Dr. Lowen does amazing work! I had a very noticeable lipoma on my upper back that I wanted removed before my wedding. I am from out of town, and Dr. Lowen’s front office staff was so accommodating and was able to move appointments around to schedule my procedure for the day after my consultation! Dr. Lowen understood my concerns about a scar, and made 2 small incisions on my back, one on my bra line and the other under my armpit. He then used a laser to melt the lipoma and use a liposuction technique to suck it out. Well it’s been about 3 weeks and the small scars are healing very well and are barely noticeable. Definitely recommend Dr. Lowen for Lipoma removal. I don’t understand why anyone would get a lipoma removed, only to have a huge scar in the area.

Chose Dr. Lowen because of minimal scarring Lipoma removal


“Changed My Life”-Mountain View, CA”

Posted by MYDupaya in Mountain View, CA

I’ve always had problems with acne and scarring since I was a kid. I’m 38 now and it was time to do something. Actually Dr. Lowen recommended it and it changed my life. I don’t have to wear much makeup and my face doesn’t have breakouts. He put me on a Obagi skin regimen first before we went to the laser which I thought was great. It was a super easy procedure and I will go back to do touch ups. The recovery time was a week or 2.

Dr. Lowen, Kimberly and Tiffany are great. I feel like family when I go there. I found Dr. Lowen through a referral. He performed my breast implants first which turned out fantastic. Then I went back to do laser resurfacing on my face. He didn’t push doing laser first. Dr. Lowen will be my doctor forever. I totally recommend him.

December 20th, 2011

I Highly Recommend – Mountain View, CA

Posted by Kashin in Hayward, CA

After numerous visits, I am more than pleased at the service I receive here. Office is clean and the staff always greets.Very reasonably priced laser hair removal package. You can combine multiple sites and get an awesome deal. I get a remainder call the day before my appointment and they always see me exactly on time.

November 11th, 2011

Surgery Was Great, Fast and Beautiful. Went Back to Work Same Day of Surgery . Felt Great! – Mountain View, CA

Posted by lina5275

Dr. Lowen is so well organized and everything went so nicely. He answered all my questions and even called me at home after surgery to see how I was doing. I’ve called the office many times and spoke with Kimberly and always got my questions answered. Kimberly spoke from experience which I felt was very important. Great doctor, excellent work!

Breast Implant Revision – Totally Worth It! – Mountain View, CA


My first implants (done by another doctor) were…

5 Oct 2011

My first implants (done by another doctor) were too big (390 filled to 420 cc’s), felt too heavy and made me extremely uncomfortable.

My breasts feel more natural, lighter and I am so much more comfortable. I am so glad I did it. I had surgery on Friday and was back at work on Wednesday. My recovery time was a little longer than the first time because he had to close the pockets. But if he hadn’t I would have been perfectly fine the very next day. Unbelievable!

Dr Lowen was recommended to me by a very close friend of mine who had her breasts done by him, as well as smart lypo. She is extremely happy with the results and so am I. I am so glad I went ahead with the revision. They feel so amazing and look great. The surgery took an hour longer than he had anticipated because my pockets were too large. He took the time to close them up leaving me extremely satisfied. You can trust this doctor with your body. He will take care of you. Thank you Dr. Lowen!

Vein Treatment

September 14, 2010

Totally Worth It! – Mountain View

Posted by beckaw in SF Bay Area

I have had several procedures performed by Dr. L and I have been very happy with them all. He is a top doctor and he cares about the outcome of each procedure.

Worth It! – Mountain View, CA

Posted by beckaw in SF Bay Area

Dr. L is always up to date with the latest procedures. I believe that he really cares about performing the best possible outcome for each patient. I have had several procedures performed by him and I have been pleased with everything.

SmartLipo MPX

September 14th, 2010

Yea! – Mountain View

Posted by beckaw in SF Bay Area

I have had several procedures performed by Dr. L and I have been happy with them all. He is a fantastic doctor.

Lipoma Removal

November 2nd, 2011

Great Experience Removing Multiple Lipomas – Mountain View, CA

Posted by Clipper in San Francisco, CA


September 14th, 2010

My Very First Facial Filler

Posted by beckaw in SF Bay Area

Dr. L is very experienced and professional. I have been very happy with the multiple procedures that he has performed for me.

October 6th, 2011

Great No-nonsense Doctor – Mountain View, CA

Posted by anonimiss in Santa Clara, CA




Samantha N.

Piedmont, Oakland, CA


I love, love, love this man. I’ve been utilizing plastic surgery as a method of enhancement for well over 15 years. He did cellulaze on my thighs and fat injections in my cheeks with amazing results for both. He took his time and made sure the procedure was done correctly. I had no bruising on my cheeks and was able to go to a party the next day, looking like a supermodel. My thighs look awesome, and everyone asks what I’m doing to look “younger and younger”.

Catherine M.

San Jose, CA


Its been 10 days since I had a bi-lateral brachioplasty to repair a very disappointing lipo job by another surgeon, back in November. I had a number of concerns following the lipo; level of pain, scarring, firmness of skin afterwards etc, but Dr Lowen and his assistant, took a great deal of time to explain my options available; the procedure itself, once I’d made a decision, and showed me lots of photos of previous surgeries of this type that Dr Lowen has performed.
I must say, at this early stage, I’m blown away by the results. My suture line is perfect; my bruising has been almost non-existent, and there’s been no icky draining or even so much as a speck of blood since the dressings were removed 3 days after surgery.
I felt in very good hands from the get go. Everyone was so thorough in their pre-op consultations too, and the Advanced Surgical Center – where I had my operation – were outstanding.
I never dreamed I’d need corrective surgery, but I’m soooo glad I found Dr Lowen. My only regret is that I spent a ton of money with another surgeon first, and went through so much pain having lipo.
I’m not at all fussed about having a warm fuzzies doctor; Dr Lowen takes immense pride in the work he does, and thats all that matters to me.
I’m looking forward to wearing sleeveless dresses and shirts with confidence – something I’ve never, ever been able to do in the past :-)
I urge anyone thinking of having cosmetic surgery to consider Dr Lowen :-)

Ballerina C.

Sunnyvale, CA


My sister who had also done a breast augmentation recommended Dr. Lowen to me. She was very happy with her results and I was extremely happy with mine also. I am very pleased I went ahead with it because it was a life-changing event for myself. I have so much more confidence and love talking about my experience. My breast look amazing! He was so professional and made me feel comfortable through my whole process. It was well worth it! Thank you Dr. Lowen!

Dee Dee A.

San Mateo, CA


My experience with Dr. Lowen has been nothing short of great over the past year. After deciding to proceed with my tattoo removal, I consulted with several physicians about the process and expected results. Initially I was quite disappointed to learn that there were only a few physicians within the bay area with the appropriate laser types for my treatments and Dr. Lowen was the closet to me. Fast forward over five treatments now, and I must say for a girl who loves options, the experience has been great. From flexible scheduling to a minimal pain during the procedure, I would highly recommend Dr. Lowen for anyone considering this process… At least add him to your consultation list and go from there. Happy hunting!

Anonymous X.

Palo Alto, CA


Dr. Lowen is definitely one of the best in his profession. He was so kind and confident in his work, which really eased my anxiety over the procedure. He did a FABULOUS job and I am very pleased with the results. He takes care in his work.

His staff is also very friendly and know me by name. I would highly recommend him.

Lynn S.

Redwood City, CA


It feels good to know there are doctors out there who really know what they are doing, are very meticulous and really care – especially when you have a complicated surgery – like my breast implant exchange after I had severe capsular contracture from 15 year old implants. The recovery was quick, hardly any pain or medication, back to work after a week just normally and back to regular sports gradually after a month. You might have to get used to his character a bit (a bit dry, but that’s just him, don’t take it personally :-) – if you want someone who is a genius in his field, don’t search for the loud ones and the marketing hype. His super friendly staff does a great job in customer relations and keeping track of things.

Wendy R.

San Mateo, CA

10/18/2012 Updated review

Dr. Lowen is the best doctor I have ever gone to. There is no other person I would ever let touch my face or body. His attention to detail is amazing. I have had both invasive and non-invasive treatments and have been going there for years. My son who goes to college in Utah is a patient as well being treated for acne. Dr. Lowen has saved his face from ugly scars.
If you want a perfectionist, then go to Dr. Lowen.
Wendy / San Mateo

12/12/2008 Previous review

Dr. Robert Lowen is a perfectionist. He did a midface lift and eye job on me a few years ago. It was amazing because I had NO bruising. Now I go to him for Botox, Radiesse, skin tightening, skin care products like Obagi and Kinerase. His staff is very helpful and just plain old nice people. It’s a pleasure going there. Dr. Lowen is a skilled surgeon and being a perfectionist makes him an amazingly skilled surgeon. I met him many years ago when he literally saved my husband’s hand from a condition called RSD. I am very grateful to him. Wendy R.

Tra R.

Sunnyvale, CA


I’ve seen Dr. Lowen for a number of post-baby proceedures and he is very professional to work with. There was absolutely no pressure to commit to anything. When I did finally scheduled time with him, it was hassle free and smooth sailing. I love the results. Kimberly, who works with Dr. Lowen was also great. She helped to answer all my questions and gave good advice to help me choose what I wanted.

Brian M.

Los Altos, CA


I have tattoo sleeves that are relatively new. I also had two largish lipomas under them and was very worried about scarring as a result of surgery. After much research, came to find that Dr. Lowen is one of very few surgeons who has a lot of experience using laser to remove lipoma. Many doctors told me to do the traditional cut-and-squeeze procedure, but Dr. Lowen offers a service that promised smaller incisions. So far, I’ve been quite pleased with the results. One lipoma is completely gone and the other, we suspect, is also gone. There’s still a hardish lump under there, but it’s likely some scarring that my body will absorb. The important thing is that you’d be hard pressed to find even a smidgen of scar anywhere at all. That, and Dr. Lowen did repeated followups as necessary to take care of me – he scheduled me flexibly and was always willing to go the extra distance to make this work. He has specific knowledge of laser lipoma that I think is unique, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for this procedure. If you want warm and fuzzy, take a few minutes and get to know the guy – he’s quirky and funny, and really – what do you want? Good surgical work or a therapy session? The guy broke out a medical text book and spent time showing me images not even related to my lipoma in relation to some back issues! A+ from me. I’ll go back when it’s time to get some botox too.

Kashki P.
Hayward, Ca.


I have been getting hair laser treatment and the results have been great. Dr. Lowen is a no nonsense and knowledgeabledoctor. He also takes the time to explain things.

The staffs (Sidney & Kimberly) are super nice too, professional, helpful and caring.
Lobbies and rooms are spotlessly clean.

Julie P.

Sunnyvale, CA


I had a breast augmentation by Dr. Lowen in 1997. I have been absolutely happy with my implants for all these years. I also recommended him to several of my girlfriends who also had great experiences. I recently went to see him about “fixing” my breasts which had sagged a bit after breastfeeding two children since my initial augmentation. He was very helpful and his suggestions were not pushy at all. I will definitely go back to him for future work as I get older. He does have a quirky personality, but who cares? He is polite and respectful and he is a perfectionist. He doesn’t need to have a great conversation with my breasts while I’m under anesthesia.

Kristin G.

Palo Alto, C


I have nothing but spectacular things to say about my experience with Dr. Lowen & his wonderful staff! Sydney and Kimberly (office staff) are incredibly sweet women. I initially saw Dr. Lowen the beginning of the year – amongst other concerns, we discussed veins on my right hip. He immediately referred me to a vascular surgeon (Dr. Shaheen, who I also had a great experience with). Kimberly followed up with me 2x’s to see how the surgery on my hip went, etc.

I recently attended his April Open House and met several of his other potential clients and clients. I had a really great evening and made some new friends – which was nice since I’m new to the area.
Dr. Lowen is definitely ONE OF THE BEST in his profession and takes much pride and precision in his work. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me to further discuss my experience/procedure with Dr. Lowen.

mai d.

San Jose, CA


I have a tummy tuck for 3 months, It’s wonderful, I’m very happy now. Thanks Dr.Lowen, you do a great job.

Deb M.

Concord, CA


Got a breast augmentation from Dr. Lowen. He did an awesome job and my recovery was so quick I was back to work in a couple of days. Virtually no pain, even without meds.

Phylis M.

Gilroy, CA


I am 6 weeks into having my “tummy tuck” with Dr. Lowen and all I can say is “Thank You!” I have had the best results any girl can ask for! I have read the other reviews and I think he is the best surgeon by far and his staff has been nothing but wonderful. Dr. Lowen is a perfectionist, and he is not the typical plastic surgeon that you see on T.V. He is someone who eats and sleeps by his craft. If you take the time to really get to know him, he is a very wonderful, smart person. It is always my personal goal to make him laugh and relax during my appts. I have already gone down one dress size and I am still recovering. The scar I have is so thin already it looks amazing, and my tummy is even better and tighter than when I was 18 years old!! His staff always takes the time to talk everything through with me and has told me on many occasions to call them day or night (by the special number they give us) if there are any problems before the next morning. They have a side door to let you in when you are just coming in a few days after your surgery so no one else can see you thru the front. They walk you to your car, they are there for you all the way through this process! I had no major pain after surgery…just swollen and uncomfortableness and the pain pump was just enough to get me through the first 3 days. I never had to take the major pain medication and within a few weeks was back on my feet and driving around town. You really want a doctor who knows what he is doing, cares deeply about doing the job right! I would go back to him in a heartbeat!!

Kate B.

Morgan Hill, CA


Dr. Lowen is extremely gifted. I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering any type of plastic surgery. While it might take a few appointments to develop a rapport (and even then, it’s still a little distant), he is extremely knowledgeable, honest and thorough. It’s clear he loves what he does. He is a perfectionist (which is what you want/need in a plastic surgeon) and truly cares about his patients’ well being.

I had considered breast augmentation for many years and after a lot of thinking, research & talking to friends/relatives who’d had it, I finally (and nervously) decided to pursue it. I interviewed a few doctors and while I didn’t feel a connection with Lowen at first, I knew in my heart that he would do the best job. And he did. He listened to what I wanted (and didn’t want!), answered my million-and-one questions and guided me to make the right choices. My recovery was unbelievably fast. Everyone I know who’s had augmentation (and that’s A LOT of women) was amazed at not only how quickly I recovered, but how awesome I look. They are completely natural, like they’ve always been there. (FYI I went from a 34A to a 32C/D.) In fact, many people have requested his contact info because they plan to switch doctors.

Any plastic surgeon can perform augmentation. But not every plastic surgeon performs it the way Lowen does (with electrocautery dissection). And you could probably pay less than Dr. Lowen charges. But having him perform it was worth EVERY penny. He’s not cheap, but it’s surgery, and it’s true that you get what you pay for. I wanted natural looking (but larger) boobs with minimal discomfort and disruption to my life. (I work, have 4 kids and am active/exercise). And I got it. Thank you, Dr. Lowen! You’re a God-send!

J A.

Mountain View, CA


I finally decided to get a tummy tuck and small breast augment, and asked for referrals from friends and yelp. Dr. Lowen was my choice after meeting the other doctors, because of these reasons:

1. His before and after photos. He showed me several books, and went through them pointing out skin and shapes like mine, to show me the possibilities. He knew each one, and what he had done. I liked his results and fact his pics were not professional pictures of gorgeous babes like one dr I went to.

2. He listened to what I wanted, and only offered his opinion after I asked for it. The other doctors both told me what I should get, and one even disparaged my decision for small augmentation.

3. He is very up to date on his research, and discussed things on several levels with me. I had been considering fat transplants for my breast augmentation, and when I asked if he would do it he said he would. We discussed it as equals with much thought, and I appreciated his time very much. By the way he did not charge for the consultation, unlike two other doctors.

Scheduling the surgery was hectic, and his office staff was terrific when I called and changed it several times.

After surgery Dr. Lowen called me twice, to make sure I was fine and offer advice for issues I had with pain, then gas of all things.

I am 3 days post surgery, and I feel terrific. I attribute a lot of it to getting really fit this last year, but also to Dr. Lowen for his careful attention to detail regarding the surgery and the after care garments and medicines.
I highly recommend him.

As other posters have mentioned, he does not come across as a touchy-feely doctor. He is very intense, very quiet spoken, and often seems surprised certain information does not seem obvious to me, but I attribute it to the fact that his mind seems to run very fast.

Certainly he is not perfect, who is? I am so glad I chose him for my surgery. I will update the results in February when I have had a chance to heal.

Pa P.

Georgetown, TX


After a freak accident in July, 2010, which amputated half of the index finger on my dominant hand, I needed a hand specialist to address the issue and determine the best way to proceed. Dr. Lowen was highly recommended by several medical professionals in the San Jose area.
Dr. Lowen explained, in detail, the various options I had, and accepted my decision without question. He did an outstanding job of grafting and closing my finger. He worked with me through the very painful recovery and was always on the lookout for any emerging psychological issues due to my loss.
Dr. Lowen is not warm and fuzzy. What I needed was not a Mr. Feel Good – I needed an outstanding medical professional to fix my injury with as little loss of function as possible. Through the four months that he and his staff worked with me, I knew that I had chosen correctly. I developed a deep liking for him and an overwhelming respect for his medical skills.

W a.

Fremont, CA


It’s been three months since my surgery. I’m so happy with my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Dr Lowen was great and his stuff made me feel very comfortable.

Smarty Pants P.

Santa Clara, CA


Okay, I do agree that Dr. Lowen doesn’t have that ”warm & fuzzy” personality. He sort of reminds me of Woody Allen. Bit corky but excellent at his job…

I got my breast augmentation from him many years ago. At the time, I interviewed and did tons of research on different plastic surgeons. I decided to go with him because I can tell right away he was a perfectionist. After the surgery, I developed some scar tissue under my arm where the stitches were. He fix them right away and now it’s barely visible.

I’m not sure why people complaint about his personality. So what if he is bit dry, he is not a therapist. You want someone like Dr. Lowen who is very meticulous and does a great job.

Three of my girlfriends have gone to him and they are all very happy with their result. I would go back to him in a heart beat if I ever needed any work done.

So if you are looking for a Dr. Personality, Dr. Lowen is not that person. However, if you want someone who is good at what he does and who is a perfectionist then he worth checking out.

W A.

Fremont, CA

Updated – 9/20/2010

Most people would consider me fit and in shape however, after having two children and losing over 100 poundsno matter how much i worked out I wasnt able to reverse the effects. My abdominal skin was severely stretched and had a reduced volume of my breasts. I decided to have a abdominalplasty (tummy tuck) and breast implants. After a month of research and multiple consultations I consulted with Dr. Lowen. He was extremely thorough and was able to address every question I had for this extensive surgery. After the consultation, I was very impressed and I set a surgery date. Now after six weeks post op my results have exceeded my expectations. I am able to wear a bathing suit without hesitations. I feel confident in my daily activities. I couldn’t thank Dr. Lowen enough for his attention to detail, including him calling me personally everyday after the surgery to check on my condition and my progress. I’m not one to usually write thank you letters for doctors, but from Dr. Lowen’s amazing talent and the attention of his staff I am extremely impressed.

Caroline A.

San Jose, CA


I read the reviews for Dr. Lowen and was very surprised. I had gone to see him about the same time; Spring and early Summer of 2009.

I had interviewed many, *many* doctors to perform my breast reduction surgery. My husband and I’s business was struggling financially (as was every business owner) so cost was a deciding factor during my search. Here is what I used as my criteria:
-Cost (out of my pocket)
-Accepted my insurance (Blue Shield)
-The doctor had to have “before” and “after” pictures of actual patients they performed the same surgery on, and available for me to view.

The variation of the “after” pictures amongst the different doctors surprised me. I was also shocked at what some women were allegedly happy to settle for. I was so mortified with one doctor’s portfolio, that I asked her pointedly if her clients were happy with the results she had achieved for them. She said that they were. Hmm. She also said that the surgery would take about 2-3 hours. Double hmm.

After interviewing about 5 doctors in person (I did phone interviews and also web research), I had selected Dr. Lowen to perform my surgery. Here is why:
I could see immediately that he was meticulous. When I reviewed his portfolio with him, he could recount in fantastic detail each one of his surgeries. I remember remarking on one patient’s results as “incredible”, as it was obvious that she was suffering considerably from the size of her breasts in the “before” photo. He agreed on the medical points, but he immediately noted how many cc’s he removed from each breast during the procedure and how many cc’s he would like to have taken out, and how it would have affected the contouring of her breasts. These are details that I would have not noticed, but that he saw with crystal clarity. I asked when he performed the surgery, expecting that it was within the last few years. It was over 10 years ago! He was just as meticulous with each photo I subsequently asked about.
I remember telling him that he was probably born an accountant, but that he grew up to be a plastic surgeon. :)
In the end, it was the financing that kept me from having him perform my procedure. It wasn’t for lack of trying however. He saw me for 2 or 3 appointments after that, on his own time, to file my paperwork and photos to my insurance company. When they wouldn’t budge after a couple of rounds, he suggested a loan. When I was denied for the medical loan, he followed up with the loan company to try and persuade them. This is when I decided it was not going to work.

Through this whole process, I learned a lot about how doctors outside of the HMOs and PPOs work. The doctors that I would trust, like Dr. Lowen, choose to work on their own so that they can do business their own way. The PPO doctor I interviewed (and was recommended to me, BTW), spent 2-3 hours on her procedure; Dr. Lowen spends a minimum of 5 and an average of 6 hours on the same procedure.
The 1st doctor *has* to spend 2-3 hours on the procedure; that’s all everyone is going to get paid for from the insurance company. “Everyone” is: the doctor, the nurses, the surgery room, the anesthesiologist, etc.
Dr. Lowen rents a nice office, but he still has to rent the surgery facility, pay the nurse(s), pay the anesthesiologist, etc. Not much “wiggle room” for his fees.
Other doctors that had wiggle room in their fees owned their own surgery facility, had a diversified practice, etc. Factors that allowed them to spread “costs”, i.e., losses, over a larger spread.
In Summary:
If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon, if you care as much about the aesthetics as you do the medical reasons and you can afford today’s healthcare costs, please give Dr. Lowen a call. He’s a good surgeon and seems to be a very nice gentleman. I hope that he can weather the economic climate, as I would hate to think that the community could lose such a talent.

Patricia S.

Graham, TX


Dr. Lowen is great!!!! I have tattoo eyebrows, I went to have them touched up. Wow the lady changed the shape which left the OLD shape. She said she could fix it. I was stuck!!!! It was awful I thought I would be defaced for life. Then a blessing Dr. Lowen. I go for treatments for REMOVAL of the old tattoo. It works, I have gone three times already and I can see the old tattoo fading away. Dr. Lowen is a life saver for me. After all this is done I plan to have other services done. He does cosmetic surgery services Dr. Lowen is so nice and his staff is also. I will never to thank him enough. Try going to his office you will be very happy with anything and all Dr. Lowen does. I believe like any other place of business you pay for all services it is not a let’s make a deal. Dr. Lowen is great I am telling all my friends who want things done.

Brenda B.

San Mateo, CA


I have been to several other plastic surgeons in the bay area and none match the professionalism, work, and time spent as Dr. Lowen.

Nancy F.

Los Altos, CA


I went to Dr. Lowen explaining that I wanted a “tummy tuck” to help augment support of my spine after back surgery. (The stomach muscles help support the spine). The cosmetic outcome was secondary to my primary concern. However, I have the most incredible body thanks to Dr. Lowen…not only do I have that extra support for my spine, (I can now lay flat on my back for over 1/2 hour without spasm), but I have a 25″ waistline, and I’m over 50 years old.
I received wonderful support from the doctor and his staff. Most importantly, Dr. Lowen’s craft and ability as a surgeon is second to none.

Wendy W.

Saratoga, CA


Dr. Lowen has helped me so much. He is very detail oriented which is what you want when you have someone working on your face. I’ve had facial surgery and also laser work, botox and radiesse. He’s the only doctor I’ll let touch my face.
His staff is professional and he’s a pleasure to be around.

Heidi K.

San Jose


This Man/Doctor is amazing!!!!! let me just say i have been seeing him for 5 years now, and had a Breast augmentation in 2004 and have gotten nothing but compliments on them, my friends even tell me I have the best breasts! LOL!! Hardly any bruising and I actually washed my hair the next day. If you want this done ladies… this is the man to see! I have referred over ten people to his office and they all love him and what he does! I have been getting botox now for about two years, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I recently had my lips done and once again he didn’t go overboard, and I have gotten nothing but compliments on them, I didn’t want those big puffy lips I really didn’t want it to be too noticeable and what he did was perfect once again… just enough to smooth out the lines and give a nice little pout! I can’t say enough about his methods, he is the by far one of the best in his field..and I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of going to anyone but him.. If you are thinking of having anything done… Please…. go see this Doctor if you want the best!!!! He and his staff are incredible!!!

Jill G.

San Diego, CA


Last Friday 1/2/09 I had breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Lowen. I heard nothing but horror stories from people about how bad it would hurt to have my boobs done…those people obviously did not go to Dr. Lowen. With Dr. Lowen my pain level even right out of surgery on a scale of 1-10 never went over a 5. Once I got home my pain (if you want to call it that) was more stiff and sore (like you would be after a good workout) than anything, I wouldn’t even call it a pain level. I was provided with pain meds but didn’t even need them. I had no bruising and even went to my company’s holiday party on Sunday (and danced). Dr. Lowen and his staff are great, I had my follow up appointment on Monday and everything looks great. I couldn’t be happier! My boobs look great and even 5 days post are feeling and looking natural and I’m sure they will only get better. I would by far recommend Dr. Lowen to anyone!

Wendy R.

San Mateo, CA


Dr. Robert Lowen is a perfectionist. He did a midface lift and eye job on me a few years ago. It was amazing because I had NO bruising. Now I go to him for Botox, Radiesse, skin tightening, skin care products like Obagi and Kinerase. His staff is very helpful and just plain old nice people. It’s a pleasure going there. Dr. Lowen is a skilled surgeon and being a perfectionist makes him an amazingly skilled surgeon. I met him many years ago when he literally saved my husband’s hand from a condition called RSD. I am very grateful to him. Wendy R.


Saratoga, CA


Dr. Lowen performed a tummy tuck for me after I was finished giving birth to several children. He did an excellent job that left me with a barely noticeable scar across my lower abdomen. He is an artist with perfection in mind with his work. I am so happy with my results and would highly recommend Dr. Lowen.
I now buy my skin products, like Obagi and receive different skin procedures throughout the year. He has a friendly staff who are knowledgeable on the best skin products they know work.

Michelle A.

Palo Alto, CA


I had my breast augmentation surgery at 3pm on Friday afternoon and was grocery shopping later that night. I felt great and was so happy with my new breasts! I had no bruising, no bleeding and only had to take motrin to stay perfectly comfortable. I even hosted my daughter’s 10th birthday party/sleepover the following day! Dr. Lowen and his staff are very nice, personable and professional. Every aspect of my experience was fabulous.

When I was researching my procedure, I talked to a lot of people. My coworker said that her friend had the best boobs! She went from an A+ to a D and they looked and felt super real. I talked with her friend and she said that no one even knows she’s had surgery. She recommended Dr. Lowen and I’m so happy she did! He’s an artist! My new boobs and I went to Miami two weeks after surgery and we looked great in our new bikini!

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