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Our cosmetic surgery center offers a number of high-quality skin care San Jose products that can be used alone or in conjunction with surgical or non-surgical treatments to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

VISIA™ Digital Skin Analysis

A unique technological innovation that uses a multi-spectral imaging system to identify problem areas of your complexion, the VISIA Digital Skin Analysis allows for a customized skin treatment program that targets each patient’s unique needs. This diagnostic tool is the first to provide clinical measurement of surface and subsurface epidermal irregularities and pigment conditions like fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, color variation, and sun damage.

For more information about any of our products or services for skin care San Jose, please contact our plastic surgery center in Mountain View today.

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Known for its skin restoration program designed to correct acne, discoloration, sallowness, and photoaging, Obagi® is one of the most popular skin care San Jose prescription strength product lines available. It is a process-driven approach with specific goals to restore normal skin function, increase skin tolerance, and create soft, glowing skin.

Obagi® Nu-Derm Line

The Obagi® Nu-Derm System is best for patients who are willing to commit to a comprehensive skin care protocol, and have concerns about mild to severe photodamage, sun or age spots and hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, and adult acne. This skin care San Jose line is proven to correct skin functions so that skin looks and acts younger and healthier.


Your transformation begins with a soap-free cleanser that gently removes impurities, oil and makeup to leave skin clean, fresh and ready for the next step


A soap-free cleanser that gently removes impurities, oil and makeup to leave skin clean, fresh and ready for the next step. 6.7 fl oz (200 ml)


Formulated with alum (a natural astringent), the Toner adjusts the skin’s pH for optimal penetration of the System’s treatment applications.

6.7 fl oz (200 ml)


An essential component of the Therapeutic Cascade, Clear is formulated with 4% hydroquinone to correct uneven skin color and age spots. (Rx only)

2.0 oz (57 g)


Formulated with phytic acid, it exfoliates dead surface skin cells and aids in penetration of treatment ingredients in the System.

2.0 oz (57 g)


Formulated with alpha hydroxy acid, it exfoliates dead surface skin cells and aids in penetration of treatment ingredients in the System.

2.0 oz (57 g)


Regular usage promotes correction at the cellular level for even skin color. Specially formulated for use with Tretinoin cream. (Rx only)

2.0 oz (57 g)


A light moisturizing cream specially formulated to help control dryness around the sensitive eye area.0.5 fl oz (15 ml)


Formulated with 4% hydroquinone and a safe chemical sunscreen. Protects skin from ultraviolet damage while inhibiting pigment cell production that causes dark patches. (Rx only)

2.0 fl oz (57 g)


Containing 18.5% micronized zinc oxide, this chemical-free formula provides superior protection without irritation.2.0 oz (57 g)


A moisturizing cream to be used as needed to soothe areas of dry, flaky skin. 2.0 oz (57 g)


Contains .05% hydrocortisone for the temporary relief of itching and burning associated with minor skin irritations. 2.0 oz (57 g)


Contains 9% micronized zinc oxide to protect against long UVA rays linked to deep premature aging. 3.0 fl oz (90 ml)

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Kinerase® is a gentle,yet effective skin care regimen scientifically shown to improve the appearance of skin aging, sun damage, blotchiness and roughness.

The power behind Kinerase® is kinetin* – a plant-based extract that helps visibly improve the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin. Kinetin is the substance that actually prevents plant leaves from drying out and withering. Kinerase® formulations deliver the remarkable restorative powers of kinetin directly to the skin- improving skin’s ability to retain moisture.

The latest innovation from Kinerase® is Pro+Therapy. Designed to work with the core products, the Pro+Therapy difference is zeatin – a next generation plant-based extract derived from plant RNA that is proprietary to Valeant Pharmaceuticals. The advanced treatment options of Pro+Therapy are designed to help break topical cosmetic plateaus and take results to the next level.

Kinerase®’s complete regimen of products works synergistically to reveal more radiant, visibly tighter skin.


Kinerase® Intensive Eye Cream is a highly emollient cream that adds moisture to the delicate skin around the eyes. Since it contains kinetin, which has been shown to improve the signs of skin aging, you’ll see younger looking skin in just a few weeks. Use P.M. and alternate with Under Eye Rescue in the A.M., or apply twice daily.


Kinerase® C6 Peptide with Kinetin & Zeatin promotes more youthful looking skin. The Kinerase® Pro+ Therapy line is only available through authorized dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other selected physicians. The key ingredients of the C6 Peptide with Kinetin & Zeatin work together to promote more youthful looking skin. The result is a healthier looking completion with visibly tighter skin and fewer signs of sun damage. Studies show a 27% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 30 days. Use once daily, a.m. or p.m.

Key Ingredients

  • Argireline, an advanced hexapeptide, improves the appearance of aging skin.
  • Microencapsulated L-Ascorbic Acid is encapsulated to deliver more Vitamin C to the skin without oxidation.
  • Green Tea Extract soothes while delivering an antioxidant boost to the skin.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant booster.
  • Proprietary concentration of kinetin and zeatin to improve the more severe, visible signs of aging.
  • Pentavitin for long-lasting moisture binding retention.
  • Syn-Coll for reduction in the appearance of the more severe signs of aging.
  • Pepha®-ctiv, a microalgae.
  • Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture to the skin, allowing your skin to act as a moisture magnet.


Contains a proprietary blend of plant-based extracts proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Kinerase® Pro+Therapy Procedure Recovery SPF 30 contains breakthrough ingredients that hydrate, soothe, protect, reduce redness and inflammation instantly and overtime, helping skin to bounce back quicker and stay refreshed longer.

How It Works:
Procedure Recovery’s skin care San Jose formulation allows for a more accelerated healing of depleted, fragile skin after professional procedures. This innovative product contains breakthrough ingredients that will help hydrate, soothe, protect, reduce the redness and inflammation immediately and over time. The addition of our proprietary ingredients, Kinetin and Zeatin will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Ingredients

  • Proprietary concentration of Kinetin and Zeatin to improve more severe, visible signs of aging.
  • Z-Cote Max offers UVA and UVB protection.
  • Moisturizing Marine Micropatch helps to slowly release moisture into the skin, offering long term hydration. Aloe Vera for skin soothing and moisture binding.
  • Quench T to help reduce the appearance of redness, burning sensations, stinging and tingling often caused by aggressive, topically applied products.

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The SkinCeuticals product philosophy is built around three principles to maintain and improve skin health: prevention, protection, and correction. Their line of advanced skincare products is designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin, and correct previous damage. The entire SkinCeuticals program works as a complete system for maximum improvement to skin health.

SkinCeuticals Products


Ideal for daily use and perfect for high-altitude climates. (3oz)


Waterproof, sweatproof sunblock contains 4.5% zinc-oxide. (3oz)

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A line of skin care San Jose that uses fetal skin technology to obtain a natural balanced mixture of skin nutrients including cytokines, growth factors, and antioxidants. This mixture is called PSP™, or Processed Skin Cell Proteins. Skin Cream with PSP™ helped to improve the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area in 83 percent of subjects and in the mouth area in 50 percent of subjects after only two months of twice-daily use.



Nourish and refresh aged skin by encouraging rejuvenation; restore the skin’s appearance after environmental or occupational exposure; nourish stressed skin compromised by other skin conditions


Reduce dark circles, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, refresh fragile skin


Cellex-C® is the first preparation with a vitamin C complex that has a real effect on the skin’s visible aging. This innovative new skin care product uses a unique patented composition of vitamins and minerals to effectively improve the looks and quality of aging and damaged skin. Cellex-C® also contains components that the skin needs to build up firm, youthful, and supple skin.

Cellex-C® Products


Help rid the face and neck of fine lines and wrinkles with this high potency serum. (30 ml)


A lightweight, oil-free, aqueous solution containing a high concentration of Cellex-C Complex signature ingredients, plus powerful free-radical scavengers and natural collagen protectors. Sensitive skin.


Moisturize beneath the surface of the skin with this oil free clear gel containing a high percentage of hyaluronic acid. (30 ml)


Firm sagging skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness, crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes. (15 ml)


Advanced Facial Treatments

Vitalize Peel

A specialized peel using a blend of salicylic, resorcinol, lactic and retinoic acid. A light to medium depth peel to treat pigmentation, skin laxity, acne and scarring.

Blue Peel

Our most effective skin care San Jose peel, the Obagi® Blue Peel uses a low concentration of the chemical trichloroacetic acid (TCA) mixed with a special blue base to slow penetration. This peel is designed to remove a thin layer of aged and damaged skin from the face and other body parts. The process will help smooth the surface of your skin, improve skin tone and color, diminish wrinkles, as well as shrink pore size.

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