Abdominoplasty Photos - Case #4668

Patient Case #4668

The patient is 37 year-old woman, 5’4”, 158 lbs., 4 children, shown three weeks after drainless tummy tuck with Prineo Dermabond tape in place over the incision.

Prineo is a flexible, woven sterile dressing that is applied over the incision at the time of surgery. After a few days, any adherent gauze is removed and no other dressing is needed. Prineo seals the incision, has antibacterial effect and prevents disruption or spreading of the incision. It is removed at three week post-op at which time patients can elect to use Embrace silicone dressing which relieves tension on the skin and contributes further to the least visible scar, or they may use BioCorneum silicone gel dressing. Drains were not needed because the flap was re-attached to the abdominal wall with quilting and progressive tension sutures.