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The Palomar Starlux Photofacial

Starlux photofacial technology makes use of high-intensity pulsed light to deliver a concentrated burst of energy to target and destroy pigmented and vascular lesions. The conditions and lesions include chest, neck, and face telangiectasias, or broken capillaries; brown or tan sun spots; sun damage on the neck, face, legs, arms, chest; and cherry angiomas of […]

Drooping Eyelids? Try Blepharoplasty for Men

Blepharoplasty for men, or male eyelid surgery, is one of the most commonly practiced plastic surgery procedures for men, and it’s gaining momentum with every passing year. The eye region is always the first to show visible signs of aging, and sunken eyes, droopy eyelids, and fine lines can make us appear older than we […]

Lux IR – Skin Tightening Mountain View

Lux IR

One common issue with aging is a general loss of skin tightness and quality. This results in the formation of wrinkles and creases on your face, leading to an aged appearance. Fortunately, with the LUX IR skin – tightening system, you can improve skin quality. The LUX IR skin-tightening system is an advanced infrared skin-tightening […]

Anti-Cellulite – Skin Treatment Mountain View


Dimpling of the skin, also known as cellulite, can be an embarrassing issue that makes it unpleasant to wear revealing clothing. Exercise is rarely effective for removing cellulite, as the issue has a lot to do with genetics. Fortunately, there is Cellulaze, a powerful anti-cellulite treatment. Cellulaze is a modern anti-cellulite treatment that can give […]

Thigh Lift – Body Contouring – Mountain View

Thigh Lift

One area of the body that can be difficult to improve through dieting and exercise is the thighs. Often, because of weight loss and aging, there can be a large amount of sagging skin around the thighs. With a thigh lift, this area can be sculpted to fit your aesthetic goals. A thigh lift is […]

Saline Implants – Breast Augmentation Mountain View

Saline Implants

During breast augmentation, breast implants are typically used to achieve a larger, fuller bust. One of the main types of breast implants used is saline implants. These implants are made of a silicone shell filled with a saline solution. Modern saline implants have a similar feel compared to silicone implants. Previously, saline implants were often […]

Breast Lift with Implants – Mountain View Cosmetics

Breast Lift with Implants

There are a number of issues that can change the appearance of the breasts, causing them to sag or lose volume. For those who are concerned about the appearance of their breasts, there is a breast lift with implants. A breast lift with implants can address issues that have causes the breast to sag and […]

Neck Lifts – Facial Rejuvenation – McAllen

Neck Lifts

Facial aging can have an impact on your overall appearance. When the skin ages, it loses elasticity, which results in the development of sagging. Sagging skin under the neck can be treated with neck lifts, giving you a more youthful appearance. Neck lifts are facial-rejuvenation techniques that deal with sagging around the lower face and […]

Breast Reduction – Mountain View Cosmetic Procedures

Breast Reduction

Many women with breasts weighing in excess of 500 grams experience health issues related to the size or weight of their breasts. For those looking to relieve these issues, there is a solution in breast reduction. Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. Large, heavy […]

Arm Lift – Brachioplasty Procedure Mountain View

Arm Lift

Aging has a way of impacting the quality of your skin and can lead to sagging in areas like the arms. For many people, this sagging skin can create the appearance of “bat wings.” For those looking to achieve a slimmer profile, there is the arm lift. An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, […]