3-D Breast Imaging and Sizing and Virtual Reality Consultations with Crisalix Mountain View

There is a remarkable 3-D imaging system called “Crisalix”, that we use in our office. It allows you to see how you would look after surgery with different implant choices. These choices include different sizes, shapes and types of implants. A feature of the software is the ability to rotate the images in three dimensions, see them with different blouses or bathing suit tops, and see several sizes side by side for comparison. And when you are in the office for your consultation, you will see yourself in Virtual Reality with Oculus VR glasses. You will be able to immediately look at yourself with the implant of your choice!

This web-based system uses 2-D photographs to create a 3-D simulation. Photos are taken during your breast augmentation consultation and uploaded to the Crisalix program. The simulations are returned while you are still in the office. After using our standard sizing methodology, including the Tebbets High Five system, sizing bras and different sizes of gel implants, we put the sizes you want to look at in the Crisalix program. You will see a 3-D simulation of what you will look like after surgery. I have found that the images are a close approximation to the final result.

When there are size differences between the two breasts, the 3-D program can measure the difference in volume, and help confirm that using two different size implants will give the desired result, as well as assist in choosing those sizes.

After your consultation, the images are available for you to view at home, as you will have log-in access to them with your own password.

Dr. Robert M. Lowen from Crisalix on Vimeo.

I have found that Crixalix 3-D breast imaging is very pleasing to my patients, giving them more confidence in their choices and their satisfaction with the consultation process.

We are pleased to offer Crisalix and invite you to come for your own personalized breast augmentation consultation.

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