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Dr. Robert Lowen, is excited to offer the latest FDA-approved, state-of-the-art technology for body sculpting called SmartLipo. Patients can now be treated with body sculpting technology that uses an advanced dual-wavelength laser to break up fat and initiate the body’s skin-tightening process. Other liposuction techniques may require general anesthesia, are more prone to skin irregularities or waviness, or have a longer or more painful recovery. But SmartLipo Triplex can be done under local tumescent anesthesia in the office operating room. It can treat flabby or lax skin, unwanted fat and tissue irregularities, and coagulates small blood vessels resulting in less bruising. It can also heat the skin in a controlled fashion if tissue tightening is desired.

The fat removal is permanent, because fat cells are destroyed, and although some fat cells remain, it is much harder to gain weight in treated areas in the future. SmartLipo Triplex is well-suited for patients with localized areas of fat such as around the abdomen or love handles, which have been resistant to diet and exercise. Because of the ability to work closer to the skin and remove more of the subdermal fat, a more sculpted look may also be obtained with SmartLipo. Patients can be treated in other areas including the upper arms, double chins, and even the inner thighs, areas that are difficult to treat with traditional liposuction. This gives patients even more reasons to try SmartLipo.  Dr. Lowen explains that the use of SmartLipo Triplex laser lipoplasty greatly reduces the chances of these complications.

Technical Talk

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SmartLipo Triplex laser lipolysis is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure, meaning that the procedure is done through 2-3 mm incisions in the skin. The procedure disrupts the fat cells through a thermal (heat) and photo (light) disruptive action, heating and shattering the fat cell membrane. The laser coagulates the underlying vessels due to the hemostatic properties of the laser, resulting in less bleeding, bruising, trauma as well as less down time. As an added benefit, the system also promotes tissue tightening through bulk thermal heating and tissue coagulation.

The procedure is commonly performed under local and tumescent anesthesia. A laser fiber is introduced through a handpiece and detachable cannula. The cannula is then inserted through a 2 to 3 mm incision in the skin and into fat pockets. The cannula with the tip of the fiber exposed approximately 2mm, is the moved in a “back and forth” fanning motion. The laser’s aiming beam can be visualized through the skin, allowing the physician to identify the treatment area. As the fiber tip comes in contact with the fat cells it ruptures the cell membranes and releases the fatty oil from the fat cells. This end product may then be aspirated from the site. In addition to fat removal, the Thermal Guide technology on the Smartlipo Triplex platform allows tightening the skin by the controlled application of heat under the skin. The Thermal Guide is set at the desired temperature and automatically shuts the laser off if that temperature is exceeded. This safety feature gives unparalleled safety to the procedure.

Benefits over traditional liposuction are that the SmartLipo Triplex treatment has less swelling and bleeding due to the laser’s hemostatic properties, and less tissue trauma resulting in faster healing time than traditional methods.

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